Teka manufactures all its products with 100% renewable energy in Spain

Since 2020, the entire manufacturing process of Teka products at the Zaragoza and Santander plants is carried out with 100% renewable energy. Likewise, Teka’s offices and warehouses in Spain also use green energy. Thanks to this initiative, the supply consumed avoids the emission of CO 2 (TCO 2 eq) into the atmosphere due to power generation.

Teka’s environmental commitment focuses on the correct management of all processes, from the manufacture of its products to the optimization of resources and waste. In this way, a more sustainable product is offered without losing its quality and essence.

Teka and the planet

Teka has been working for years on the transformation of the sector, introducing sustainability criteria in the design and production of its electrical appliances. For this reason, the ISO 14001 certification endorses and recognizes Teka’s responsibility with the planet.

This is demonstrated by the company’s CSR policy, which follows three clear lines of action. On the one hand, the use of recycled materials when manufacturing its electrical appliances, while introducing recycled glass in its production process. The second pillar is the reuse of plastic: Teka washing machines, dishwashers and refrigerators are made with reused plastic waste that has been transformed to partially incorporate the plastic-based components of these products, consequently reducing carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. during the manufacturing process. Finally, it is worth noting the German brand’s commitment to durability. Teka has had products with the LifeTime Warranty seal for years,

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