Stoves zoneless induction

The debut of Stoves’ new and improved Deluxe range cooker, which uses zoneless induction technology, has been announced. The new appliance line, which Stoves calls “a world first,” makes use of a zoneless induction hotplate, which frees users from set cooking rings and allows them to put saucepans anywhere on the surface.

By enabling the use of pots and pans of any shape or size alongside one another, Stoves’ revolutionary FreedomFLEXTM zoneless induction hotplates are expected to expand the options available to home chefs.

The new range cookers also have TrueTemp digital thermostats, which prevent temperature changes in the oven, pre-programmed settings for tasks like simmering or melting chocolate, and a management system.rom 900mm to 1100mm widths, the collection is launching in three distinct styles: the Richmond Deluxe, Sterling Deluxe, and Precision Deluxe.


Historical and authentic French manufacturer, Rosières has kept its heritage, while evolving to adapt to consumer expectations. Now positioned as a brand of sharing and conviviality, the brand of the Haier group evolves around the concept of convivial bistronomy, as explained to us a few months ago Vincent Rotger, President of Haier France. A concept that the brand is staging on the occasion of the Taste of Paris Festival, of which it is the new household appliance partner, through Atelier Rosières. From May 11 to 14, at the Grand Palais Ephémère, Rosières is offering a series of culinary events with young gastronomy talents, to share convivial moments with the public. “This partnership with Taste of Paris allows us to highlight the renewal of the Rosières brand, with its positioning as a convivial bistronomy. This event is a great opportunity to demonstrate this reorientation, with the help of authentic Chefs who are close to consumers, while rejuvenating the image of Rosières”, declared Vincent Rotger, during the inauguration evening of the Festival. From Pierre Chomet, to Clément Vergeat, via Tony Salomon,The “Le Bocuse” cooking piano is reborn in a limited edition
The Atelier Rosières is also an opportunity to unveil a reissue of the emblematic “Le Bocuse” cooking piano, which pays tribute to the famous Paul Bocuse. Available in stores from September in 4 colors (Black, Cream, Bordeaux and Grey), this very limited edition combines modernity and vintage, to be part of the current trend. “With this novelty, we are relaunching what has made the history of Rosières, namely a superb brand that has spanned the ages for 150 years by combining tradition and modernity”, underlines Johanna Rochman, Director of Brands and Communication Haier France. Designed in Italy, in a factory bought about two years ago by the Haier Europe group, this piano will be available in an exceptional version, also in a limited edition.

Bertazzoni award-winning

The Bertazzoni Professional Series 90 cm Air-Tec Cooker won the distinguished Ideal Home Kitchen Award 2023 in the Genius Kitchen Innovation category, celebrating the very best kitchen manufacturing and design. Innovative engineering has always been core to the Bertazzoni brand, and this award is a testament to more than 140 years dedicated to producing best-in-category products.