Polti next level Irons

Polti has unveiled its new range of Next irons, where Next stands for “next level”. The line includes 5 models, differentiated by color and technical characteristics. All have a powerful boiler with unlimited autonomy (the top of the range VN18.65 reaches up to 7.2 bar) and the rounded 360° Fluid Curve plate (patented technology), which allows user to iron easily in all directions. The Turbo function further enhances the release of steam, to also treat fabrics such as linen and jeans. And with the Steam Pulse function, the steam comes out at regular intervals without having to press any buttons. The new models reduce water and energy consumption thanks to the Eco function. Furthermore, Polti Vaporella Next switches off automatically after 10 minutes of inactivity and is equipped with the Calc Cleaning system.

Polti has recently launched a new line of irons called “Next”, which stands for “next level”. The range comprises of 5 different models that are differentiated based on their technical features and color. All the irons are equipped with a potent boiler that offers limitless autonomy. The top-end model, VN18.65, can reach up to 7.2 bar. The 360° Fluid Curve plate, a patented technology, makes it easy for users to iron in all directions. The Turbo function aids the release of steam, making it possible to treat fabrics like linen and jeans. The Steam Pulse function facilitates the steam to come out regularly without requiring the user to press any buttons. The Eco function is designed to reduce water and energy consumption. Furthermore, the Polti Vaporella Next is programmed to switch off automatically after 10 minutes of inactivity and comes equipped with the Calc Cleaning system.


2022, in a difficult general economic environment and after a record year in 2021, our sales were globally resilient. We are particularly pleased with our performance in China, where Supor for the first time exceeded the two-billion-euro turnover mark. However, our results were impacted by significant headwinds. In this context, the Group was once again able to demonstrate responsiveness and quickly implement effective action plans to adapt to market developments and protect its profitability.

At the same time, and beyond short-term imperatives, we have continued to invest in our strategic levers: product innovation, the international deployment of our champion products, the attractiveness of our brands, and the activation of all distribution channels. No truce either for our investments in our competitiveness – industrial, logistics, information systems -, which are all crucial for the future. I would like to salute and thank the unfailing commitment of all the teams, which has been essential in these achievements.

For the year 2023, visibility remains limited. Despite a first quarter that is anticipated to be down, the Group expects a gradual improvement in sales in its Consumer business, strong revenue growth in Professional sales, as well as an increase in its operating margin for the year as a whole.

We are confident in the continued development of the global market for Small Domestic Equipment and Professional Coffee, in which we continue to strengthen our presence with the recent acquisition of the La San Marco company. We remain convinced of the relevance of our economic model, which will allow us to take full advantage of strong structural demand, a source of growth opportunities for Groupe SEB. 

New Taurus integral ironing center

Taurus presents its new integral ironing center with Sliding Care Non Stop multi-position board, which allows you to iron both vertically and horizontally and achieve professional results on all types of garments, even the most delicate, in the simplest way.

Sliding Care Non Stop stands out because it has a rotating brush with a heated ceramic base, just like traditional irons, which makes it a 100% effective iron thanks to its temperature and high flow rate of 130 g/min. In this way, the user can choose between ironing vertically or horizontally.

To make the task of ironing even easier, this new ironing center has the Non Stop System refilling system that makes it possible to refill the 2 l removable tank without having to disconnect the ironing center in the middle of the task, for so its autonomy is unlimited.

Iron with minimal effort and eliminate wrinkles and bacteria

The new Taurus ironing center offers seven steam modes and three temperature modes to adapt to all garments with minimal effort. In addition, thanks to its large steam flow of 130 g/min, it is capable of effectively removing wrinkles from any type of garment or fabric, while destroying viruses and bacteria.

As an added value, Sliding Care Non Stop has the patented Lock System for transport and locking by means of which the iron is hooked to the tank, thus facilitating its transport.

Ufesa limited edition

Ufesa has teamed up again with La Vecina Rubia to launch a new limited edition collection with an exclusive design.

The collection, very faithful to the style of La Vecina Rubia, consists of an air fryer, a 3-in-1 sandwich maker and a toaster. Three elegant appliances of the highest quality, with original designs and with pink as a hallmark.

The 3-in-1 sandwich maker, with its triple functionality, allows you to prepare personalized La Vecina Rubia sandwiches, as well as helping to cook delicious waffles and even grilled dishes, easily changing their plates. With a power of 900 W, it also has non-stick plates, a light temperature indicator, a safety lock and a cool-touch handle. In its design you can see one of the iconic phrases of La Vecina Rubia, “Getting up early is beautiful.”

The retro toaster from La neighbor Rubia X Ufesa, also accompanied by the design “Getting up early is beautiful”, is ideal for preparing two toasts at the same time, as well as for defrosting or reheating. It has an electronic toasting selector, time control, a crumb tray and wide slots for the thickest toasts with an automatic centering system.

Under the motto “You can’t like everyone, you’re not a croquette” the third appliance of this limited edition is presented: a digital air fryer with a 2 l capacity, with 1,200 W of power and 6 pre-set programs for frying , toast, roast, bake, reheat and keep warm. It should be noted that it incorporates a digital control of time and temperature so that cooking is a simple task. In addition, it comes with an exclusive fridge magnet and one of the five delicious croquette recipes by La Vecina Rubia.

New from Braun: PurShineSMALL APPLIANCES

The new breakfast collection “PurShine” from Braun, consisting of a filter coffee machine, toaster and kettle and available in the two colors white and black.
Braun is presenting “ PurShine ”, an elegant, user-friendly breakfast range consisting of a filter coffee machine, kettle and toaster , available in black and white . Braun describes: “The devices are characterized by the classic, functional Braun design. Brushed stainless steel elements enhance every kitchen.”

The KF 1500 WH/BK filter coffee machine prepares up to 10 large cups of coffee in one brewing process. The coffee machine is equipped with the OptiBrew system , which, thanks to the balanced relationship between temperature, brewing time and extraction of the coffee powder, is intended to ensure an excellent coffee taste and an even aroma. Thanks to the special design of the aroma jug, the coffee should also stay warm longer. Thanks to the automatic switch- off, the device simply switches itself off after 40 minutes.

Breakfast collection PurShine filter coffee machine KF 1500 WH/KF 1500 BK: 49.99 euros RRP.

The WK 1500 WH/BK kettle has 2,200 watts and a capacity of 1.7 litres. Water level windows on both sides with dual scale allow you to accurately boil the amount of water you need. With the rapid boiling system, 200 ml of water can be boiled in 45 seconds. The wide front opening should allow easy and direct filling directly from the tap.

Breakfast collection PurShine kettle WK 1500 WH/WK 1500 BK: 44.99 euros RRP.

The 2-slot PurShine toaster HT 1500 WH/HT 1500 BK has eight browning levels and a defrost and warm -up function . Braun says: “Thanks to intelligent heat control, every piece of toast is toasted perfectly.” There is also a manual lift function for smaller slices of bread .

Full steam ahead with Tefal

Tefal introduces the two new steam brushes Access Steam Easy and Access Steam Pocket . Tefal says of the Access Steam Easy: “Be it linen trousers, a silk dress or a cotton tablecloth, the Access Steam Easy is ready for any job. This steam brush is suitable for all types of textiles, removes creases and folds in no time at all and cares for the materials – so that the textiles can be enjoyed for a long time. Switched on at the push of a button, it heats up within just 15 seconds and is ready for use with its full 1,400 watts . So it’s worth getting the crumpled pieces ready in advance so that you can get started straight away, with a steam volume of 25 g/min.”

The soleplate of the Access Steam Easy – in an elegant metallic finish – can be fitted with various attachments . For example, the textile brush is ideal for handling heavy fabrics , while the new dust and pollen brush is a big plus for allergy sufferers in particular, as Tefal describes: “For example, to remove irritating particles from textiles. In addition , the steam brush removes up to 99.99% of all viruses, bacteria and germs (as proven in external tests on cotton textiles with thorough ironing Tefal’s second steam brush model is called the Access Steam Pocket . The biggest difference between the Access Steam Pocket is its size: the steam brush measures just 205 x 105 x 127 mm and has a practical fold-down head, while the Access Steam Easy measures 258 x 111 x 142 mm. “Thanks to this compact format, it not only fits easily in any suitcase, but also in a backpack or even a handbag. This means that crumpled clothing is now a thing of the past, whether on business or private trips. In addition to the textile brush attachment, a suitable travel bag is also included in the scope of delivery,” explains Tefal.

Despite its small format, the Access Steam Pocket has an impressively high performance: The Access Steam Pocket offers 1,300 watts and heats up the soleplate (according to the manufacturer) in 15 seconds.

Another thing the two new steam brushes have in common: the water tank holds 120 ml each , enabling an operating time of 7 minutes for the Access Steam Easy and 6 minutes for the Access Steam Pocket.

The Tefal Access Steam Easy steam brushes (DT7151, DT7170 including steam hood) will be available from September 2022 for a recommended retail price of 104.99 euros .

The Tefal Access Steam Pocket steam brushes will also be available from September 2022 for a recommended retail price of EUR 94.99 (DT3041) or EUR 99.99 (DT3053 including cup

Ufesa will present its novelties at IFA 2022

Ufesa will participate in IFA 2022, the world reference fair for consumer and home electronics, which will be held at the Messe fairgrounds in Berlin between September 2 and 6.

The brand will be present at the B&B Trends stand , where it will share the spotlight with Zelmer, another of the group’s brands.

Thus, B&B Trends chooses IFA for the fourth consecutive year to present its latest developments, among which this year air fryers and super-automatic coffee machines will be highlighted by Ufesa; and on the other hand, vacuum cleaners, kettles and meat grinders from Zelmer.

“The B&B Trends group stands out for its wide range of high-quality, self-manufactured technological solutions, and that is what we want to make known at IFA as the sector’s benchmark fair,” said Albert Diaz, product manager.

With its presence at this great event in the sector, the company seeks to strengthen its position in the market, in addition to presenting its latest product news and innovations

Samsung’s Cutting-edge Laundry Appliance

Samsung has announced the global launch of the Bespoke AirDresser. The latest addition to the Bespoke line-up, the Bespoke AirDresser brings design fitting beautifully into any home décor to Samsung’s cutting-edge clothing care appliance.


With upgraded smart features for ultimate convenience, Samsung’s Bespoke AirDresser refreshes clothing by removing dust, neutralising 99% of odours[1], eliminating germs, and smoothing out wrinkles. As health and wellness routines become ever-more important for consumers around the world, the Bespoke AirDresser offers a beautiful, sleek and smart way to keep garments refreshed daily.


“With health and hygiene top of mind for many people, Samsung is providing a great way to refresh their clothes by removing harmful substances using the Bespoke AirDresser,”

Neutralise germs and odours to keep your wardrobe fresh

To keep your clothes fresh and ready for any occasion, Bespoke AirDresser’s Sanitise function uses powerful JetSteam to steam and refresh your garments. Infusing high temperature heat deep into the fabric, the JetSteam system eliminates 99.9% of common bacteria and viruses and kills 100% of house dust mites[2] to refresh linens, bedding, and even baby clothes and soft toys for safe use. Bespoke AirDresser also uses a Deodorising Filter that eliminates 99% of odour-causing gases including those from sweat, tobacco, and food. Made of ceramic, which works effectively even in humid and damp conditions, the filter breaks down odour-causing particles to prevent unpleasant smells from building up inside the device. Better still, Bespoke AirDresser’s Wrinkle Care uses JetAir and JetSteam to smooth out creases in clothes, so your clothes are ready to wear when you need them.


Save time and energy with powerful, intelligent features

Bespoke AirDresser doesn’t just make clothing care more convenient; it adapts itself to fit your lifestyle. The AI Control feature personalises your controls by remembering habits[3]—such as your most frequently used so you don’t have to flip through menus to get to your favourite options and settings. If you also own a Samsung smart washer, you can connect it to your Bespoke AirDresser through the SmartThings application and receive a recommendation for the most appropriate drying course according to the wash cycle you’ve just finished[4]. After sanitising your clothes, intelligent systems take over once again. Using a humidity sensor on the inside of the door, Bespoke AirDresser’s AI Dry technology continually senses the humidity of your clothes and intelligently reduces drying time accordingly, so your laundry is always dried thoroughly in the shortest possible timeClean longer clothes conveniently

Whether you’ve got large winter coats, or flowing summer dresses, Bespoke AirDresser’s Long Dress Zone is specially designed to handle your longest garments. While long dresses, coats, and jackets can be difficult to fit into conventional clothing care devices, Bespoke AirDresser features a space 143 centimetres tall to fit items up to 20 centimetres longer than in the rest of the cabinet.


Upgrade your home in style

Available in six different colour and material options[5] – including Crystal Mirror, Glam White, Glam Pink, Satin Beige, Cotta White, and Cotta Charcoal – Bespoke AirDresser’s customisability means you can choose a design that will blend seamlessly into the décor of your home. It comes in two sizes, 18-inch and 24-inch, holding three or five pieces of clothing depending on the needs of your lifestyle.


To complete its modern, minimalist design, the front panel features a slim, intuitive interface with simplified buttons that make it easier to select settings and options and improves visibility and accessibility.

Miele Fashion master

The FashionMaster from Miele has been refined and will be immediately launched in Germany and Europe in the 4.0 version. Product engineers at Miele’s Lehrte plant have further improved the FashionMaster, including a larger rest for the iron and a scratch-proof coating in white. The FashionMaster 4.0 is available in three versions: the entry-level B 4312 boasts 3.5 bar steam pressure and a tough, anthracite-coloured ironing table cover. With its tayberry red table ironing cloth, the B 4826, Miele’s premium model with 4 bar of steam pressure, has a fresh appearance, whilst the flagship B 4847 additionally offers top-class ironing, for example, of garments on a coat hanger using the handy steamer.

With steam pressure as high as 4 bar and constant steam delivery of 100 g/minute, steam permeates even the thickest of fabrics, causing even the most stubborn of creases to vanish fast. One key contributing factor is the fan-assisted ironing table: the blower function ensures particularly smooth ironing, whilst the suction function ensures the more intensive use of steam. In addition to this, it also locks garments into position, preventing them from slipping. Automatic switch-on and switch-off ensures optimised uptimes: the fan starts as soon as steam is requested, stopping automatically during ironing breaks.

Whether working with the iron or the steamer – Miele explains – the FashionMaster also offers hygiene and certified protection. By applying steam topically for five seconds with the Miele steam iron (Setting 3) or the steamer, 99.99% of viruses such as Corona, influenza, and Noro viruses (with the exception of Hepatitis B) are removed. This statement has been scientifically endorsed by Germany’s Albstadt-Sigmaringen University. Miele’s ironing system was also awarded the Hygiene Seal in silver by the independent Institute for Integrative Hygiene and Virology