Groupe Seb soars on the Stock Exchange

With a leap of 7%, the Paris Stock Exchange greeted Groupe SEB’s financial statements yesterday. Sales (7.96 billion) are only 1.2% lower than those of the record year 2021 and up 8.2% on 2019. The fourth quarter closed with revenues down by 3, 6% to 2.4 billion. In both cases the trend is higher than analysts’ expectations, as reported by Radioco.

The Seb group owns 32 brands, including Tefal, Seb, Rowenta, Moulinex, Krups, Lagostina, Wmf, Emsa and Supor. It is present in 150 countries and has over 33,000 employees. 

After a record 2021, Seb group sales delivered a resilient performance in 2022. The group’s business held up well in most of the geographic areas in which it operates and the fourth quarter marked a slightly more favorable trend’” , commented the CEO Stanislas de Gramont , recalling that“from the second quarter the ‘Consumer’ activity (-2.6% to 7.2 billion) is influenced by the impact of the war in Ukraine and by issues specific to some markets’, in particular France (-22%) and Germany (-13%), ‘but it recorded a satisfactory performance in other countries, including China’. The ‘Professional’ hub (+15.6% to 725 million) recorded ‘a strong dynamic throughout the year and continues to be an important growth lever for the entire group ‘. Seb ‘confirms the operating margin target for 2022 and estimates that it will be in the high end of the range between 7% and 7.5%’.

SEB 165 anniversary

From 1857 to the present day, visitors can discover the entire history of the Seb group on Seb Discovery. A saga divided into 6 historical periods, to better understand how the small French family business has become a historical player in Appliance market
For its 165th anniversary, Groupe Seb launches the Seb Discovery website
December 14, 2022, by Sandra Nicoletti

From 1857 to the present day, visitors can discover the entire history of the Seb group on Seb Discovery. A saga divided into 6 historical periods, to better understand how the small French family business has become a historical player in the PEM and professional coffee.
For its 165th anniversary, Groupe Seb launches the Seb Discovery website
This is an extraordinary gift that Groupe Seb gave itself for its 165th anniversary. A website dedicated to the history of the group, which traces the entire saga of the French family business born in 1857. From tinsmithing to the group’s latest innovations, through its various acquisitions, Seb Discovery offers a journey through time and eras. Divided into 6 major periods and animated by two guides, the site plunges the Internet user into period decorations and invites him to discover the evolution of products, from the oldest to the most innovative. A family history that has made Seb a key player in the market for small household appliances for the general public, but also in the field of professional coffee

The Seb saga in 6 major periods

The invitation to travel began in 1857 in Burgundy, with the birth of the company then specializing in tinsmithing (making tinplate objects) and continued until 1951.

The 2nd part extends from 1952 to 1972, with the beginning of equipped kitchens and the rise of household equipment in homes, including the Super Cocotte Seb which was a hit at the time.

Then, from 1973 to 1990, Internet users discovered a new era for Seb, which became Groupe Seb, thanks to the acquisition of Tefal in 1968 and Calor in 1972.

From 1991 to 2000, the group opened up to emerging countries and developed several subsidiaries around the world with positions as local leaders in small household appliances, particularly in South America.

Then, a new era began in 2001 with the acquisition of Moulinex and continued until 2010, during which the group became the world leader in small household appliances.

The journey ends with the period 2010 to the present day, marked by the acquisition of WMF , a specialist in professional coffee, and by the opening of a new world headquarters in Ecully, the Campus Seb , which also hosts a world center of innovation.

Groupe SEB releases its 2022 Half-year Sales and Results.

First-half sales: €3,666m; +1.6%, -2.3% LFL*
Second quarter sales: €1,750m; -0.4%, -5.1% LFL*
First-half Operating Result from Activity (ORFA): €199m, -€121m vs 2021
Second quarter ORFA: €59m; -€63m vs 2021
Profit attributable to owners of the parent: €72m, -€79m vs 2021
Net financial debt at June 30, 2022: €2,447m, up €597m vs June 30, 2021 (inventory building to address supply chain tensions)
Full-year assumptions revised:
Overall stable 2022 sales vs 2021
Operating margin from activity in the range of 8% to 8.5%
* LFL: like-for-like (at constant exchange rates and scope) – Changes vs 2021.
2022 started in a favorable environment, which deteriorated in the second quarter, with the war ongoing in Ukraine, currency volatility and the acceleration in inflation.
Sales were resilient, driven by an excellent performance in China and by the solid momentum in the Professional business. As in 2021, the Group absorbs the impact of headwinds while the operating profitability is temporarily hit by the combined effect of the slowdown in second-quarter business in Europe and the continuation of investments already undertaken.
We keep on fueling our growth pillars: China, where we will exceed €2bn revenue this year, with great development prospects ahead; the Professional activity which is paving the way for new buoyant and profitable markets; innovation and digitization, which represent fundamentals in our businesses.
We do not expect any significant improvement in the economic situation before year-end in mature countries. This leads us to target for the full year overall stable sales and an operating margin in the range of 8% to 8.5%.
I know I can count on the commitment and agility of our teams throughout the world to pursue our strategy of profitable growth.
Stanislas DE GRAMONT, Chief Executive Officer of Groupe SEB

SEB Investment

Groupe SEB has announced more than €5 million in investment in 2022 to support the brand’s growth in the French and international markets, most of it earmarked for the plant’s extension, as Krampouz is firmly anchored in its region and is committed to French craftsmanship and manufacturing. Revenue was up 32% year-on-year, buoyed by robust growth in the domestic and export markets, making it imperative to expand the site in Brittany. The investment aims to increase the plant’s production capacity for all Krampouz cooking appliances, for both the professional and home markets.

The expanded area will not only create room for new machines and an updated industrial tool, but also allows to grow the research and testing lab. A key component of the project, the site will also be home to new facilities designed with the wellbeing of staff in mind. The current site area will increase by almost 50% to 10,000 sq m.

Seb group doubles the production area of the Krampouz site

Groupe SEB announces an investment of more than 5 million euros in 2022 to carry out the extension works of the Krampouz factory, in Pluguffan in Finistère. The expansion of the site, which will reach 10,000 m², will accommodate new machines and a modernized industrial tool.

The Krampouz factory in Pluguffan (29) doubles its production area. DR
With 100,000 products manufactured per year and a turnover of +32% compared to the previous year, the Krampouz factory in Finistère has reached the physical limits of its deployment. The expansion of the Pluguffan plant, where the group has been established since 2009, has become necessary.

Majority shareholder since 2019, the Seb group is therefore investing more than 5 million euros to extend and modernize the production area. ” This expansion is part of Groupe SEB’s desire to maintain and promote industrial know-how in France. Labeled Living Heritage Company since 2017, all appliances bearing the Krampouz stamp are designed and manufactured in Pluguffan, in Finistère ” , specifies the shareholder.

Launched in March 2022, the work, carried out by local companies, will be finalized during the summer of 2023. The various areas, industry and logistics, will be operational at the end of 2022. “The expansion of the site will make it possible to accommodate new machines and a modernized industrial tool, but also to extend the research and test laboratory. The site will also accommodate new spaces making the well-being of employees an essential component of this project”, specifies the press release.

The surface will increase by nearly 50% compared to the current premises and will approach 10,000 m². It will also increase the factory’s production capacity for all Krampouz cooking appliances, whether for professionals or the general public. In 2022, Groupe Seb is indeed initiating the renewal of the historic range of professional crepe makers.

Founded in 1945 by Jean-Marie Bosser, an electrician, the Krampouz brand has since established itself throughout the world, where it is present in 160 countries. Faithful to its cradle, Finistère, the company now employs 100 people and works with the ESAT of Ty Varlen located in Landudec for subcontracting activities, in particular the packaging of accessories

A world leader in small household equipment, Groupe SEB is present in nearly 150 countries. Over the years, it has built strong positions around the world through a product offering that is at once global and local, showcased by an exceptional brand portfolio.Groupe SEB include All-Clad, IMUSA , Krups, Moulinex, Rowenta, Tefal (including OBH Nordica) and WMF Group.

Rowenta cordless vacuum

The X-Ô vacuum cleaner of Rowenta was awarded with the GIFAM Prize for responsible consumption. The model is the first cordless canister vacuum cleaner and combines the best of both worlds: the power of a canister vacuum cleaner with the maneuverability of a cordless upright vacuum cleaner, while maintaining silence and agility.

Equipped with the Rowenta Digital Force motor and the Silent Block, the X-Ô delivers a power of 230 AW, suitable for all types of waste and floors, and emits only 69 dB in Boost position (and 61 dB in Eco position).

Its powerful removable battery allows to vacuum up to 1h30 in ECO position (up to 2h40 depending on the model) for a 140 m² surface. Its 4 main wheels and 54 mini side wheels allow a 360° use and the “Flex” technology to reach the most difficult places. In addition X-Ô is 100% traceable and its spare parts are available for 15 years

Rowenta and Tefal launch new products for 2022 to make cleaning easy

Rowenta and Tefal have launched a host of new cleaning appliances including a robot vacuum, a cordless, handheld vacuum, a hygienic steamer for fabrics that promises to remove 99.9% of germs, an ironing station, as well as an air purifier and a special storage system for food.

The collection of products, which covers floorcare, textile care, air purification and storage are currently available in Germany and other select countries in Europe. Those looking to purchase are advised to check locally.

Floor: Effective suction results whether fully automatic or manual

First up is Rowenta’s X-plorer S120 AI (pictured above). The vacuum robot boasts particularly high suction power, says Rowenta, and, thanks to modern laser technology and advanced artificial intelligence (AI), the nimble household helper efficiently turns the floor around the home.

With the help of lasers placed at the “perfect” height, it detects even low everyday objects and easily avoids them, the company says. Meanwhile, the AI ensures that the X-plorer notes the layout of the rooms as well as changes, obstacles or “getting stuck” and automatically adjusts the suction route and power accordingly.

In addition, it is able to analyse running statistics and can recommend personal cleaning suggestions based on this. The X-plorer S120 AI can be configured via an app and is also compatible with Google language assistants.

For those looking for something more traditional, there is the Rowenta X-Force Flex 14.60 Animal. The cordless handheld vacuum cleaner combines powerful suction power with maximum ease of use, Rowenta claims.

It runs at 200 air watts, has five suction power settings and an efficient filter system that captures 99.9% of dust particles and pet hair. In addition, with a digital Smart Display, users can always keep track of the charge level of the replaceable battery and the suction power Eye. Thanks to the tried-and-tested articulated FLEX joint, hard-to-reach places can be reached effortlessly, Rowenta says. Finally, the floor nozzle is also equipped with LED lighting, which is used to clean dark surfaces.

Home textiles: hygienically clean and wrinkle-free – with just a few simple steps

With the Cube hygiene steamer from Tefal, the traditional “ironing room” can now be set up spontaneously and with little effort anywhere in the home, Tefal says.

With just one device, home textiles and items of clothing can be ironed, steam smoothed and disinfected. With just the power of hot, high-pressure steam, the Cube promises to eliminate up to 99.99% of bacteria, viruses and germs that can settle in all sorts of substances in the home. As a result, wrinkles – no matter how thick and stubborn they are – no longer stand a chance. The practical thing about the Cube: It can be easily carried through the apartment, for example to steam the curtains directly on the curtain rod or the bed linen directly on the bed and rid them of germs.

Next, the Pro Express Vision steam ironing station from Tefal has an extra powerful steam output of up to 180 g/min, and is therefore ideal for cleaning any home textiles, Tefal says.

Thanks to the extra strong steam boost of up to 750 g/min. the it can even remove stubborn creases from thick fabrics. The iron illuminates the fabric in front of it from the tip of the iron using the innovative Tefal Smart LED Vision technology. This means that no crease remains undetected, even in dimmed lighting conditions or dark textiles, Tefal claims.

Indoor air: A declaration of war against dust, hair, germs and allergens

With the help of a powerful 360° filter system, versatile programmes and speeds as well as the innovative Air Quality Box, the Pure Home from Rowenta ensures clean air on an area of up to 200 sq m, Rowenta says. The four filter levels remove up to 99.99% of all dirt and particles – from dust and animal hair to annoying odours and gases to the smallest particles and even formaldehyde.

new allergen mode even gets rid of aggressive allergens. At the same time, the air quality can be conveniently measured and individually adjusted in every corner of the home: simply remove the unique Air Quality Box from the device and go to the appropriate room. The high-precision laser sensors detect even the smallest particles – the collected data is sent directly to the app. Based on this, for example, a weekly schedule for cleaning the indoor air can be created – the Pure Home automatically takes care of the rest.