Smarock cleaners

Smarock, a manufacturer and innovator in household cleaning appliances, is releasing 2 handheld dual-cup-filtration mite cleaners – S10 and S10 Pro, on January 5th.

Conventional allergen vacuums have low filtration efficiency. They have only one dust cup where filtration and dust storage are proceeded together. The stored dust will be blown up every time they vacuum, and some dust may pass through the filtration system and back to the fabric The single-cup design also results in a low durability of the filter. The filter is easily degraded or damaged as dust accumulates and covers the filter. Smarock has made a breakthrough in this with an original double-cup design. One cup is designed for filtration and the other for dust storage, effectively avoiding filter clogging and achieving better air filtration.

Smarock has innovated the brushroll, which consists of a metal body and silicone strips. Compared with traditional plastic brushrolls, it taps harder and faster – up to 12000 taps every minute, removing deep-seated dirt easily without damaging the fabric. With 500W motor power and 13KPa suction, dirt will be sucked into the machine once it moves to the surface of the fabric.

To make cleaning more time-saving and energy-saving, the suction inlets of S10 and S10 Pro are extended to 230mm long, allowing users to clean up an 180cm bed within 4 rounds of back and forth movement.

Moreover, Smarock S10 and S10 Pro are multitasking cleaners. They eliminate dust mites by 4 simultaneous procedures, including patting with the brushroll, disinfecting with UV light, repelling mites with ultrasound and dehumidifying with heatAs an enhanced version, S10 Pro is additionally equipped with a dust mite sensor that accurately calculates dust mites in the environment, and the mite index and cleaning status are presented on the display to help users clean in a smart way.

Sales Plan

Smarock has special offers with S10 priced at €85.99 and S10 Pro at €99.99 in the EU market from January 5th. Customers can get them from Geekbuying, Geekbuying Poland, Geekmaxi and Geekmall. And they’ll soon be available in the US market

LG to Introduce Versatile Cleaning Solution, CordZero A9 Kompressor With Steam Power Mop

LG Electronics (LG) is introducing its new CordZero A9 Kompressor™ with Steam Power Mop at CES 2023. Winner of a CES 2023 Innovation Award, the new model is the company’s first cordless stick vacuum cleaner to offer steam mopping functionality. The CordZero A9 Kompressor also comes with the innovative All-in-One Tower docking station, designed to store, recharge and automatically empty the vacuum.

Equipped with the detachable Steam Power Mop nozzle, LG’s latest CordZero provides wet and steam mopping functionality, delivering a convenient, effective mopping performance that gets surfaces clean without using any detergent. In steam mopping, the mop pads are kept at a temperature of approximately 60 degrees Celsius (140 degrees Fahrenheit), enabling the CordZero A9 Kompressor to remove stains from flooring more easily than a conventional wet mopping solution. According to Intertek, the global testing and certification organization, LG’s steam-heated mop pads are more effective than a typical wet mop at separating substances, such as hardened chocolate, from the floor.1

The Steam Power Mop nozzle also comes with dual sensors, which help prevent the attachment’s steam generator from overheating, as well as an advanced, automatic water supply system that keeps the mop pads wet during mopping. For user safety, if the nozzle is lifted off the floor or is held stationary for a period of approximately 20 seconds, the steam supply shuts off, while mop pad rotation is halted after around one minute of inactivity.2 LG’s new cordless stick vacuum also incorporates the company’s Axial Turbo Cyclone™ technology, which helps remove dust and debris from floors and other household surfaces by generating powerful suction.

Accompanying the CordZero A9 Kompressor with Steam Power Mop is an All-in-One Tower. LG’s space-efficient and fast-charging docking station features a replaceable dust bag, an automated dustbin-emptying system and an intuitive display that provides real-time status updates. LG’s All-in-One Tower also offers three different alert/notification melodies to choose from and hassle-free storage for CordZero vacuum accessories

Tineco presents intelligent vacuums and toasters

Marco Getz, General Manager Europe at Tineco, presented his company’s latest products and their forward-thinking features at the IFA 2022 Innovations Media Briefing.
Every year Tineco produces 12 million vacuum cleaners, Getz revealed. The company is adjusting its products to the customers needs, by producing vacuum cleaners for single households, families and the elderly.

One of the most interesting innovations of Tineco is the iLoop Smart Sensor. It detects dust and is providing a longer duration of the battery due to a smarter use. The Pure One vacuum cleaner also comes with a premium LCD display. The Zero Tangle technology provides a better protection of the vacuum cleaner from pet hair. The Floor One S5 Series can be used as a vacuum cleaner and is also able to mop up puddles on the kitchen floor. Gertz was showing the capabilities of the vacuum cleaner in front of the audience at the City Cube Berlin. He was demonstrating the Floor One S5 capable to erase ketchup stains and a broken egg form the floor. After cleaning the floor the device cleans itself automatically.

Apart from vacuum cleaners, Tineco is also producing toasters, such as the Toasty One. It can toast two slices of bread at the same time with different intensity and duration. A yet unmatched innovation, Getz stated

Polti Sani System tested in killing up to 99.999% of microorganisms

Polti Sani System is a patented Steam Disinfection Device (SDD) compliant with the AFNOR NF T72-110 standard – medical setting and has demonstrated virucidal, bactericidal, sporicidal, fungicidal, levurocidal and mouldicidal effects. Developed in collaboration with the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Pavia, it is dedicated to the disinfection of environments at risk of biological contamination. This product has been tested in killing up to 99.999% of microorganisms.

It is conceived in particular for the disinfection of working enviroments, such as offices, shopping malls, clothing stores, dentists and healthcare practices, hairdressers and beauty salons.

Saturated, dry and superheated steam up to 180 °C acts in a few seconds and is ideal for frequent disinfections throughout the day. Moreover, dispensing does not involve contact with surfaces and there is no need for drying with another implement, because surfaces dry quickly. Polti Sani System can be used several times a day in the presence of people and animals. The steam wraps and disinfects all surfaces, including fabrics and objects, even those with complex geometry.