Spear and Jackson air treatment

Spear and Jackson delighted to announce a new partnership with Benross Marketing Ltd, the leading UK supplier of electrical homewares and appliances, in a collaboration brought together by IPR Licensing Limited. This new, exclusive licensing programme will launch later this year and feature a range of Air Treatment products for the home including de-humidifiers, diffusers, air purifiers and related accessories, plus Air Temperature-Control products for the home such as heaters and fans.

Sauberair launches innovative air purifier disguised as a “work of art”

Measuring an ultra-thin 3.5 inches, the Suberair FLAT can remove 99.9% harmful smoke and particles, eliminating a wide range of pollutants with minimum power consumption, the company says. It also boasts an extended filter lifespan compared to conventional purifiers.

The application has built-in smart sensors to detect and monitor the indoor air quality, humidity and temperature, while users can check and modify the filtering mode on the app anytime, and from anywhere.

As well as purifying the air, the FLAT BT features an integrated Bluetooth speaker which has been optimised for maximum sound quality. Users can play music with these built-in stereo speakers or it can serve as a music wake-up alarm.

According to the brand, FLAT is also the world’s first scalable purifier – meaning that two can be connected together and controlled simultaneously. In addition, its appearance can be changed according to customers’ preferences so that it better suits their home’s interior design, Sauberair says.

Why buy a FLAT air purifier?
World Health Organization data has shown that almost the entire global population (99%) breathe air which exceeds the international organisation’s guidelines for pollutants. This is not only happening in low- and middle-income countries, but also in the cities of developed nations. Air pollution is responsible for an estimated 7.4 million deaths every year, Sauber points out.

Problems with the air purifiers on the market
The business model of traditional air purifiers is ultimately built around selling filters, not the appliances themselves. Moreover, the filters’ lifespan is usually relatively short with replacement alerts based on the usage time, not the actual filter clogging rate. This is unscientific, the company says. Also, expensive filters dissuade consumers from replacing it when their time is up, which ultimately reduces its overall filtration effectiveness.

With its unique design, FLAT is much more efficient and effective than other models, identifying airflow passing through the filter, and alerting the user to when the filter should be changed, says Sauber.

Finally, FLAT has obtained invention patents in many countries and won The Made-in-Taiwan Golden Select Award, presented by the Taiwan Industry Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs, with the highest score from the jury.
You can visit Sauberair at IFA 2022, Hall 20, Booth No: 315

LG puricare AeroTower

LG aims to not only improve your air quality, but also your comfort with the LG PuriCare AeroTower. Not your ordinary air purifier, the PuriCare AeroTower is also a fan and a heater. The model supports three airflow modes (with 10 levels of intensity each): Wide, Diffusion, and Ddirect. Depending on the model, you can add heat (up to 86 degrees Fahrenheit) to any airflow mode. The unit uses multistage True HEPA filters to effectively capture most particles floating around a room. It also uses ultraviolet-C light to help combat bacteria. For those who want to check on the air quality, they can look on the device or check out the LG ThinQ app on their phone.