SEBO E3 Good housekeeping winner

Good Housekeeping Institute has awarded the SEBO E3 Premium Number 1 ”Best cylinder vacuum cleaner’’.

After very comprehensive and vigorous testing on different flooring, carpets, and stairs, having created the worst-case scenario clean up including dust, crumbs and pet hair the SEBO E3 Premium came out top!

⭐ ”This powerful vac is a great all-rounder.”

⭐ ”The integrated hose can reach up a decent eight steps, and given its large capacity, it wasn’t heavy to manoeuvre either.”

Dreame Technology fast growing company

Dreame Technology ( also known as “Dreametech”), a fast-growing company leading in smart home cleaning appliances, announced its achievements in overseas markets in 2022. The overall e-commerce revenue has increased by more than 200%.

In 2022, Dreame Technology mainly developed vigorously in Europe, Russia, and Southeast Asia, meanwhile achieving gratifying growth. Among the areas mentioned above,the Nordic region increased by more than 700% compared with 2021, while the Western European region increased by more than 150%. Due to Dreame Technology achieving a significant breakthrough in the European region, the flagship robot vacuum DreameBot L10s Ultra, which represented the highest technological strength of Dreame Technology at that time, ranked 1st in the category of robot vacuums on Amazon and Mediamarkt in Germany, 2nd in the vacuum category, and 4th in the entire home cleaner category during 2022 Black Friday.

As a technology company focusing on smart home appliances with the world’s NO.1 motor technology, that offers the highest RPM, Dreame Technology has reached a high-speed digital motor technology of 160,000 RPM revolutions, 180,000 RPM revolutions, and reserves of 200,000 RPM revolutions. Dreame Technology has also launched four categories of cordless stick vacuums, robot vacuums and mops, wet and dry vacuums, and high-speed hair dryers, making them comprehensive options for the household.

In 2022, Dreame Technology achieved rapid growth in many overseas regions. The company’s overseas revenue growth exceeded 60%, of which the Russian region increased by more than 350%, Southeast Asia increased by more than 450%, Northern Europe by more than 700%, and Western Europe by more than 150%.

Germany Top Sellings: during the 2022 Black Friday event, Dreame L10s Ultra ranked 1st in the category of vacuums on Amazon and Mediamarkt in Germany, 2nd in the vacuum cleaner category, and 4th in the entire vacuum category;
France, Italy and Spain Top Sellings: Dreame In 2022, T30 cordless vacuum cleaner occupies France’s Amazon EUR400 range as top-selling for two consecutive months; Dreame D9 vacuum cleaner became the best-selling vacuum cleaner in the EUR 200-300 range in France, Italy and Spain;
Russia Top Sellings: The total sales of Russian market in AliExpress with a growth by 400% year-on-year.

Dyson announces line up of new technology engineered to clean your home more

Dyson unveiled new products that bring together automation, advanced software, and intelligence with best-ever cleaning performance. From St James Power Station, Singapore, Chief Technology Officer, John Churchill unveiled the new technologies whilst giving a glimpse into Dyson’s vision of the future of clean homes

,The most powerful robot: The Dyson 360 Vis Nav™ robotic vacuum marks Dyson’s next generation of intelligent robotic vacuum cleaners – the most powerful robot with six times1 the suction of any other robot vacuum.

Dyson’s quietest, most powerful purifier: The Dyson Purifier Big+Quiet™ Formaldehyde delivers up to 10m projection, upgraded filtration and ultra-low noise. The Dyson Purifier HEPA Big+Quiet Formaldehyde is engineered for simplicity in commercial spaces.

Dyson’s first wet vacuum cleaner: The Dyson Submarine™ wet roller head, available with Dyson V15s Detect Submarine Complete cordless vacuum cleaner, provides a whole-home cleaning solution, to wash, detect and detangle, all-in-one Dyson.

Midea Floor Scrubber X6

Take your cleaning to a new level: with Midea’s innovative scrubber dryer you can vacuum and wash your floors in a single step. Equipped with fibers, bristles and self-traction force, the integrated brush is designed to remove all types of dirt, debris and stubborn stains.

Double tank systemDirty water and debris are collected in a separate tank, to ensure that your floors are always cleaned with clean water.

Easy controlTo ensure even easier use, the buttons are located on the handle.

Autonomy The latest generation batteries allow long-lasting performance

Beko first robot cleaner

Beko has launched its first-ever robot vacuum!
The Robot Vacuum Cleaner boasts 2,000 Pa suction for efficient cleaning on both carpets and hard floors.

It also features a mop attachment and integrated water tank for sweeping and mopping hardwood floors simultaneouslyWi-Fi connectivity so the Robot Vacuum Cleaner can be controlled and monitored from your smartphone


Yeedi, established by ECOVACS Robotics Inc, released the yeedi Floor 3 Station (robot vacuum and mop). yeedi established its reputation among global customers with its product reliability and affordability with earlier models. The Floor 3 Station is another surprise yeedi offers this year. As the successor of yeedi’s most recognized mopping robot in Europe, Floor 3 Station combines aesthetics and functions to bring customers a new era of robotic cleaning experience.

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yeedi Floor 3 Station
yeedi Floor 3 Station
“More and more robots are bundled with a station to offer hands-off cleaning experiences. It’s hard to neglect their existence around the house hence product design has become increasingly critical. We also noticed that customers nowadays expect robot vacuums to tackle more cleaning tasks and they find the basic vacuuming and mopping combo subpar.” said Gary Li, General Manager of Sales & Marketing at yeedi, “yeedi brings a new level of cleaning experience with the Floor 3 Station. This is packed with 5100Pa suction and inherited the tried-and-true dual-power mopping system from the mop station released last year. This redesigned model with matching and deluxe design goes with modern aesthetics to bring vitality, simplicity, and elegance to the living space.”

Meet yeedi Floor 3 Station: The ultimate mopping robot just got better – a complete upgrade to yeedi mop station

Where Function Meets Aesthetics
Stop compromising between performance and aesthetics. The yeedi Floor 3 Station features a ceramic white body with rose gold embellishment to liven up your home, its polishing finish oozes superiority at every look and touch, and the responsive lighting on the robot and the decorative one on the station bring vitality into your space.

Restore Your Floor’s Original Beauty
Dual-power spin mopping system mops with force to the floor, even the overnight stains can be wiped off easily. A 5100Pa industry-leading suction sucks up household dirt with ease so your floor will shine bright as new.

Fast Mapping and 3D Obstacle Avoidance
yeedi learns your home layout in 5-10 minutes thanks to the 3D ToF navigation and obstacle avoidance technology. It also dodges daily objects on its way and detects narrow spaces to avoid getting stuck. The 84 mm ultra-slim body enables it to reach more corners.

Wash and Dry the Mops Automatically
yeedi Floor 3 Station washes the mops automatically to make sure they are always clean to perform. And it also dries them with heat when cleaning completes to avoid odor generation.

Price and Availability
yeedi Floor 3 Station is available with a listing price of 799.99€ on Amazon. It is also available over multiple channels: eBay, Kaufland, Manomano, and Allegro

Electrolux presents the new 700 cordless vacuum cleaners

The new 700 range of cordless vacuum cleaners from Electrolux combines efficient suction, an ultra-lightweight structure weighing only 2.2 kg and an autonomy of 50 minutes on a single battery charge. Furthermore, these products have been designed with particular attention to sustainability: they are in fact made with 60% recycled plastic. The Hygienic EP71B14WET model combines suction and washing: it is equipped with a PowerPro Mop brush and a 5-layer filtering system. The Hygienic EP71HB14S version is instead characterized by a special brush for cleaning beds and sofas. Besides, thanks to the PetPro+ brush, the Animal EP71AB14UG vacuum cleaner easily removes pet hair. Finally, the Ultimate EP71UB14DB model is equipped with the automatic mode, which adjusts the suction power according to the type of surface.

Amazon takeover of iRobot faces UK watchdog review

Amazon’s planned takeover of Roomba vacuum cleaner maker iRobot is being reviewed by the UK’s competition watchdog.

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) is looking at whether the deal could lead to “a substantial lessening of competition”.

Amazon is seeking to grow its operations for smart home appliances.

Both Amazon and iRobot have both said they are “working co-operatively” with regulators.

Amazon announced it was buying iRobot last year in a $1.7bn (£1.4bn) takeover deal.

Roomba models sell in the UK from £249, with some costing up to £899.Both Amazon and Massachusetts-based iRobot said they were “working co-operatively” with the relevant regulators over the merger.