EZVIZ Enter Vacuum cleaner market

EZVIZ have stepped significantly outside the security category revealing its first ever product in smart cleaning/small appliances, with its Smart Cordless Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner, the RH1, which is now available to the European market.

According to EZVIZ, the RH1 cleans even the stickiest stains to restore the sparkle on all types of hard floors, and then self-cleans its roller brush for effective sanitization.

In addition, the company showcased the RS2, its first 2-in-1 AI-powered Robot Vacuum & Mop, with an on-site test cleaning.

Offering a 100% hands-free cleaning experience, the RS2 uses its AI detection capabilities to auto-switch between vacuuming and mopping tasks, and automatically installs, changes, and self-cleans its mop pad, the company said.

Neato new model

Neato D800 features the D-shaped design, which allows user to clean even in the corners. Thanks to Neato LaserSmart technology, the device also cleans in the dark and under furniture. Furthermore, the use of LIDAR technology not only provides an accurate mapping, but also preserves privacy, as there are no cameras. The robot can be controlled remotely with the MyNeato app or by using voice commands via Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Routines or no-go zones can be set at any time. Neato D800 has an autonomy of about 90 minutes and covers 60 m2. If there is a larger area to clean, the robot automatically reloads with Quickboost so it can handle the remaining area.


The Xiaomi DreameBot L10s Ultra robot vacuum makes cleaning the house even easier. In addition to removing dust and other debris from the floor, it can empty its own trash can and clean itself, being able to function without any human interaction for 60 days straight. Tasks are performed thanks to the presence of 24 3D sensors and artificial intelligence, which allow the DreameBot to adapt to any environment. The vacuum also has a mop for heavy cleaning and can detect rugs, carpets, objects and irregularities in the way.

The cleaning routine can be set up through its own app or by voice command, using virtual assistants such as Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant. The device is developed by Dreame, a manufacturer that belongs to the ecosystem, and will initially be launched only in the Asian market.

Tineco presents intelligent vacuums and toasters

Marco Getz, General Manager Europe at Tineco, presented his company’s latest products and their forward-thinking features at the IFA 2022 Innovations Media Briefing.
Every year Tineco produces 12 million vacuum cleaners, Getz revealed. The company is adjusting its products to the customers needs, by producing vacuum cleaners for single households, families and the elderly.

One of the most interesting innovations of Tineco is the iLoop Smart Sensor. It detects dust and is providing a longer duration of the battery due to a smarter use. The Pure One vacuum cleaner also comes with a premium LCD display. The Zero Tangle technology provides a better protection of the vacuum cleaner from pet hair. The Floor One S5 Series can be used as a vacuum cleaner and is also able to mop up puddles on the kitchen floor. Gertz was showing the capabilities of the vacuum cleaner in front of the audience at the City Cube Berlin. He was demonstrating the Floor One S5 capable to erase ketchup stains and a broken egg form the floor. After cleaning the floor the device cleans itself automatically.

Apart from vacuum cleaners, Tineco is also producing toasters, such as the Toasty One. It can toast two slices of bread at the same time with different intensity and duration. A yet unmatched innovation, Getz stated

Hoover presents its new HF9 broom vacuum cleaner

Hoover presents its new HF9 broom vacuum cleanerWith a 30-minute battery, expandable up to 60 minutes With the second built-in battery in the Home and Pet models, it is the perfect vacuum for your home Hoover HF9 Broom, a cordless model with ANTI-TWIST technology so that the hair of your pets is not a problem thanks to a small special comb located behind the roller.

Puppyoo IFFA2022

Global vacuum designing brand Puppyoo will reveal its entire arsenal of innovative cleaning technology at IFA2022 in Berlin, the biggest trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances in the world.
Since 1999, Puppyoo has been dedicated to the advancement of vacuuming technology. The brand has accumulated 1052 patents worldwide and has mastered key technologies including motor, air duct, and smart sensors. The company says it is striving to provide the best vacuum cleaners to families across the world.

company will showcase some of its most powerful and advanced vacuum technology at IFA2022, including the RedDot award-winning series T12 and T11, corded vacuum S9 pro, mattress vacuum MC05, robotic vacuum X1, and Wet & Dry Vacuum E20.

But the star of the show according to the company is the T12 Plus Rinse, its latest cordless vacuum. It boasts a suction power of 185AW and is capable of cleaning the toughest stains and heavy debris. The powerful motorized double roller brush is rugged and durable for everyday use. Its bristle and soft nylon rollers can clean different floor types including tiles, carpets, and hardwood floors.The crowning feature of the T12 Plus Rinse is its “Mopping Brush”, which gives the powerful vacuum a dual “vacuuming+mopping” function. This enables users to vacuum and mop their floors at the same time. In addition, the “mopping only” mode will help users mop or wax their floors with incredible ease using the mopping brush.   T12 Plus Rinse’s powerful technology is ergonomic and compact – and is easily tucked away with its functional storage system. Users can switch between the charging dock for compact storage, or the wall mount for convenience. The charging dock can also neatly store all accessories, such as the illuminated crevice nozzle or soft feather brush.

Puppyoo will be launching their next-gen cordless vacuum cleaner by the end of this year. However, visitors of IFA 2022 can have a preview of the vacuum at Hall 7.1a Stand 111, and have a hands-on experience. Or for more information visit their website: http://www.puppyoo.com

VIOMI Launches at IFA2022

VIOMI will bring a variety of new launching and hot sales to show at IFA exhibition.

Show the product features  face-to-face with customers, and highlight brand strength

Alpha 3 Max All-in-One, A Totally Hands-free Experience

Cyber Pro High-end 3-in-1 Cordless Wet-Dry Vacuum Cleaner

21 Face2 S All-in-one Superior 640L Smart Refrigerator

Master Eyebot External air circulation smart-touch washing and drying expert (11kg+7kg)

Space X Omnidirectional Air Supply, Smart Airflow Expert

Amazon’s takeover bid on iRobot

Amazon has put $ 1.7 billion on the table to buy the entirety of the shares of iRobot, the American company known worldwide for the Roomba series of robot vacuum cleaners, as reported by the Wall Street Journal . Although the company is the reference brand in the sector, it has probably suffered from the growing competition due to the success of the category and in recent months it has lost profitability closing its balance sheets in deficit.

The stock, which was worth 68 dollars at the beginning of 2022, had dropped to around 35 in mid-July and then climbed back to 50 dollars per share. Amazon offering $ 61 in cash provides a premium of around 20%. The total investment envisaged by Amazon: 1.7 billion, is slightly higher than the 2021 turnover: 1.56 billion. Amazon is also committed to clearing the company’s debt.

The market does not seem to expect a further offer. Amazon is committed to building an ecosystem of home appliances to make Alexa the ‘smart home’ hub competing with Google.

Ecovacs Robotics proudly presents its AI-powered Deebot T10 range of products.

The T10 family features three mopping robots – the Deebot T10, the Deebot T10 PLUS and the Deebot T10 TURBO. Ecovacs’ robots feature newly-developed AIVI 3.0 AI technology, which allows them to detect obstacles more rapidly when cleaning around the home. The models are also equipped with a more powerful Horizon Sunrise 3 processor, making its AI more advanced and capable of recognising single images up to 20 times faster.

A built-in Starlight HD camera means users can easily navigate all types of area, even in low light. The camera allows users to see every corner of their home while cleaning.

In addition, the voice assistant YIKO is on hand to help users control and guide the cleaning robots. It has been described as the industry’s first integrated interactive natural language assistant for household robots, and can speak multiple languages. Deebot T10 family features a four-stage cleaning system. Two side brushes handle floor dust, while the main brush is used to sweep the floor. The robots have been specially designed to adapt to different environments, regardless of the floor type. The robots are also equipped with differing mopping systems for various surfaces and cleaning methods.

Look no further than the Deebot T10 range from Ecovacs for a family of innovative, dependable robots which aim to set a new standard in floor cleaning.

Euroflex presents Thermal Y1: the ultimate heated roller mop

This model is the first heated roller mop that uses heat to deep clean floors. the mop features a self-cleaning brush system that lets users clean all types of floor with ease.

the exclusive patented roller heating system allows users to optimise the two fundamental factors of floor cleaning: humidity and temperature. the y1 is therefore perfect for cleaning critical surfaces such as marble or delicate surfaces like wood. it is one of the easiest and quickest ways to clean and sanitise floors around the home, which makes floors safer and more hygienic around children and pets.

euroflex claims to be the first in the world to create a floor cleaner that uses exothermic technology (which is an international patent). the thermal y1 transfers heat (of around 250°f/120°c) to the cleaning rolling pad, which creates enough energy to clean hard surfaces in a quick and efficient way. the model works with a precise amount of water to reduce waste and to create the ideal moisture for cleaning. 200mm of water can clean an area up to 90m2.