Liebherr keeping it quiet

Liebherr now has the largest number of refrigeration appliances on the market certified by Quiet Mark.Featuring speed-controlled compressors operating between 1,000 and 1,600 rpm rather than the conventional 3,000rpm and speed-controlled fans, which operate on the lowest level, means the refrigeration causes less noise.

In addition, R600a Coolant which achieves the same temperature as previous coolants but at a lower pressure, also minimises noise. refrigerators also feature speed-controlled compressors operating between 1,000 and 1,600 rpm rather than the conventional 3,000rpm compressors found in traditional refrigerators. This helps create a quieter living space for you and your family.

Liebherr production site grows

The production site for appliances of Liebherr Appliances – Lienz GmbH continues to grow 42 years after its foundation. The groundbreaking ceremony for a new 2000 square meter hall has just taken place in Lienz. An approximately 2,000-square-meter factory hall is planned for the eastern area of the Liebherr site. The site expansion will create space for a tool shop, a locksmith, a joinery, installers, and a forklift shop.
Stay tuned for more updates about this project.

Liebherr to showcase the future of sustainable refrigeration and freezing at IFA 2022

Liebherr-Hausgeraete is presenting its latest innovations at this year’s IFA, under the motto “shaping the future of freshness”. Its products and freshness solutions are all geared towards achieving a more sustainable future. The company will also present a pioneering technology which it says will revolutionise refigeration and freezing.

The new products of Liebherr have been developed with a view of achieving high levels of energy efficiency, a longer service life and reducing food waste by keeping food fresh for a very long time. They will be presented at IFA in Berlin, Stand 201 in Hall 2.1, where the specialist for refrigeration and freezing will be demonstrating its latest innovations between September 2nd and 6th.

The theme behind Liebherr’s IFA attendance is “shaping the future of freshness”. The stand will showcase the company’s forward-looking innovations for a more sustainable lifestyle focusing on energy efficiency, freshness solutions, smart technologies all within the “timeless, elegant” design of its applianceslot has happened since the last time we participated at IFA: We have further developed our appliances and technologies in a more sustainable manner. The introduction of our new fully integrated and freestanding appliances brings us another great step further towards a more eco-friendly future”, says Steffen Nagel, Managing Director Sales & Marketing at Liebherr-Hausgeraete.

“Now we are looking forward to presenting our world of freshness to the public at the leading trade fair IFA and letting them participate in a world premiere”.

It is evident that sustainability is not simply viewed as a new trend for Liebherr. Their products are designed and tested for a minimum service life of 15 years. The key to an exceptionally long service life is using high-quality materials, or in the company’s words: “This uncompromising quality standard extends from the smallest detail to the design”.

The manufacturer said it has achieved the highest possible energy efficiency classes, as well as using responsibly sourced resources. In addition, the company will leverage IFA’s platform to demonstrate how high-quality materials and smart technologies can play a key role in saving energy

Liebherr IFA2022

It is almost time for IFA2022, and Liebherr is pleased to share its official motto, “Shaping the Future of Freshness“. This claim will be matched by unforeseen innovations contributing to redefining the future world of refrigeration and freezing. Freshness is included in the motto to represent the newly sharpened brand positioning that connects the senses and emotions people can feel after enjoying fresh ingredients.

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