BluRoX: Liebherr Innovative vacuum insulation with perlite

Circular in the future. With our vacuum perlite technology , we are launching an innovation that will change refrigeration and freezing forever. may we introduce BluRoX. Instead of the conventional polyurethane (PU) foam, the new technology uses a far more effective form of cold insulation : a vacuum. Finely ground lava rock, so-called perlite, stabilizes the vacuumed components. Liebherr’s innovative BluRoX technology offers numerous advantages for people and the environment How BluRoX works and its advantages
For insulation , BluRoX uses a vacuum in connection with finely ground lava rock , so-called perlite , instead of the conventional foam elements . Liebherr explains: “A vacuum offers the best possible insulation in terms of energy. Due to its crystalline microstructure, perlite has a very low thermal conductivity. This combination creates an unsurpassed energy-efficient and at the same time compact solution for cold insulation. Because of the particularly effective insulation, the walls of a BluRoX freezer can be made about a third thinner than the walls of a traditional foam insulated unit. For an appliance fully equipped with vacuum perlite technology, the result is around +25% more capacity compared to refrigerators and freezers with the same external dimensions.

Liebherr presents its new BluRoX technology and the first device FNb 5056.
In addition, the raw material perlite is available in almost unlimited quantities. Compared to the production of conventional insulation materials from petroleum-based polyurethane, the entire process from extracting the lava rock to using it as insulation material requires fewer resources . Perlite can be removed at the end of the life of a BluRoX refrigerator or freezer and reused without significant reprocessing. Also, because the BluRoX insulation is not glued to the surrounding components, the outer shell and inner container can also be easily recycled and reused.

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