Liebherr fresh for Longer

Preserve your food fresh for longer with the new freestanding appliances by Liebherr.
The new freestanding units from Liebherr offer precise storage options to preserve sensitive vitamins and minerals for much longer. The coordinated combination of temperature and humidity ensures optimal food cooling, maintaining freshness, and reducing food waste.

Liebherr a wide array of solutions for food preservation, starting with EasyFresh, which allows you to control the temperature of the food compartment; BioFresh, where temperature can be set just above freezing point, and humidity level can be adapted for fruits, vegetables, or meats; and BioFresh Professional Fish & Seafood Safe, specially designed for storing fish and seafood at -2 degrees Celsius (28 ºF) and can be individually regulated.

In the cooling units of the Peak series, the fine fresh mist HydroBreeze also lays on fruit and vegetables for an additional freshness effect.

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