Dyson announces line up of new technology engineered to clean your home more

Dyson unveiled new products that bring together automation, advanced software, and intelligence with best-ever cleaning performance. From St James Power Station, Singapore, Chief Technology Officer, John Churchill unveiled the new technologies whilst giving a glimpse into Dyson’s vision of the future of clean homes

,The most powerful robot: The Dyson 360 Vis Nav™ robotic vacuum marks Dyson’s next generation of intelligent robotic vacuum cleaners – the most powerful robot with six times1 the suction of any other robot vacuum.

Dyson’s quietest, most powerful purifier: The Dyson Purifier Big+Quiet™ Formaldehyde delivers up to 10m projection, upgraded filtration and ultra-low noise. The Dyson Purifier HEPA Big+Quiet Formaldehyde is engineered for simplicity in commercial spaces.

Dyson’s first wet vacuum cleaner: The Dyson Submarine™ wet roller head, available with Dyson V15s Detect Submarine Complete cordless vacuum cleaner, provides a whole-home cleaning solution, to wash, detect and detangle, all-in-one Dyson.


Yeedi, established by ECOVACS Robotics Inc, released the yeedi Floor 3 Station (robot vacuum and mop). yeedi established its reputation among global customers with its product reliability and affordability with earlier models. The Floor 3 Station is another surprise yeedi offers this year. As the successor of yeedi’s most recognized mopping robot in Europe, Floor 3 Station combines aesthetics and functions to bring customers a new era of robotic cleaning experience.

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yeedi Floor 3 Station
yeedi Floor 3 Station
“More and more robots are bundled with a station to offer hands-off cleaning experiences. It’s hard to neglect their existence around the house hence product design has become increasingly critical. We also noticed that customers nowadays expect robot vacuums to tackle more cleaning tasks and they find the basic vacuuming and mopping combo subpar.” said Gary Li, General Manager of Sales & Marketing at yeedi, “yeedi brings a new level of cleaning experience with the Floor 3 Station. This is packed with 5100Pa suction and inherited the tried-and-true dual-power mopping system from the mop station released last year. This redesigned model with matching and deluxe design goes with modern aesthetics to bring vitality, simplicity, and elegance to the living space.”

Meet yeedi Floor 3 Station: The ultimate mopping robot just got better – a complete upgrade to yeedi mop station

Where Function Meets Aesthetics
Stop compromising between performance and aesthetics. The yeedi Floor 3 Station features a ceramic white body with rose gold embellishment to liven up your home, its polishing finish oozes superiority at every look and touch, and the responsive lighting on the robot and the decorative one on the station bring vitality into your space.

Restore Your Floor’s Original Beauty
Dual-power spin mopping system mops with force to the floor, even the overnight stains can be wiped off easily. A 5100Pa industry-leading suction sucks up household dirt with ease so your floor will shine bright as new.

Fast Mapping and 3D Obstacle Avoidance
yeedi learns your home layout in 5-10 minutes thanks to the 3D ToF navigation and obstacle avoidance technology. It also dodges daily objects on its way and detects narrow spaces to avoid getting stuck. The 84 mm ultra-slim body enables it to reach more corners.

Wash and Dry the Mops Automatically
yeedi Floor 3 Station washes the mops automatically to make sure they are always clean to perform. And it also dries them with heat when cleaning completes to avoid odor generation.

Price and Availability
yeedi Floor 3 Station is available with a listing price of 799.99€ on Amazon. It is also available over multiple channels: eBay, Kaufland, Manomano, and Allegro

Rowenta cordless vacuum

The X-Ô vacuum cleaner of Rowenta was awarded with the GIFAM Prize for responsible consumption. The model is the first cordless canister vacuum cleaner and combines the best of both worlds: the power of a canister vacuum cleaner with the maneuverability of a cordless upright vacuum cleaner, while maintaining silence and agility.

Equipped with the Rowenta Digital Force motor and the Silent Block, the X-Ô delivers a power of 230 AW, suitable for all types of waste and floors, and emits only 69 dB in Boost position (and 61 dB in Eco position).

Its powerful removable battery allows to vacuum up to 1h30 in ECO position (up to 2h40 depending on the model) for a 140 m² surface. Its 4 main wheels and 54 mini side wheels allow a 360° use and the “Flex” technology to reach the most difficult places. In addition X-Ô is 100% traceable and its spare parts are available for 15 years