BSH Egypt factory

Today BSH celebrates the groundbreaking of their first factory for cookers in Egypt – and on the African continent.
This is an important milestone for growing BSH business in Africa and the region. With range-cookers from this factory, we will improve quality of life at home for consumers in Africa and in the Middle East.

“It is a great pleasure to celebrate at this place, where ancient civilization meets modern manufacturing.” – Rudolf Klötscher, Chief Sales & Service Officer and Head of Region Emerging Markets.

Faber, digital factory

What are the challenges for Faber , Franke ‘s air specialist , on the production side? In the short term, the company with its plant in Sassoferrato aims to adopt new production technologies , integrating them with the most tested ones. In the medium-long term, on the other hand, the number one objective is digitalisation , implementing new business models, to respond more effectively to a constantly evolving demand, including through the latest generation of production plants. The last great goal is particularly felt: to remain competitive by maintaining a 100% Italian production .

Human capital, safe
Since its inception in 1989, Sassoferrato has always been a site (over an area of more than 60,000 square meters ) capable of standing out for its policies towards employees. To date, the factory has the support of over 350 highly specialized technicians, with a figure of 35% of women’s shares and an average age of 39 years . It holds important records, including the longest accident-free plant in Italy and in Europe: it is no coincidence that the best prevention plant technologies are used , increasingly accurate procedural bodies are adopted and, at the same time, integrated HSE management systems(Health, Safety & Environment) certificates. Personnel training is also a fundamental aspect: in 2022 alone, more than 1,500 hours of training were provided for employees at the Sassoferrato plant.

Green innovation and commitment
For Faber, constant technological innovation is essential : at the Sassoferrato site, for example, numerous processes have been digitalised, production has been verticalised and the skills of the employees are continuously updated. Two practical examples? A new latest generation laser and a system that uses artificial intelligence have recently been introduced to speed up processes and make them safer. Innovation, for Faber, also passes through sustainability: the green steps taken in recent years are important and include the new photovoltaic systemmade up of 2600 panels, which already today ensures the factory 30% of the available energy and allows for savings of up to 305 tons of CO2 per year and the change of all halogen lamps to LEDs, for further savings on emissions.

Artisan expertise and efficiency
“ Our factory is unique in the world because Faber’s know-how is enclosed here. Which are the technologies, of course, but also and above all the expertise of our craftsmen. We constantly invest in the most innovative technologies on the market and work tirelessly on people’s skills, motivating them and involving them in our business project with a ‘people first’ perspective, seeking continuous improvement – comments Giorgio Rossi, Operation Director of Faber ‘s Sassoferrato factory -.We work flexibly, focusing on quality and service to create value for both our company and our customers, pursuing sustainability in terms of being close to the external environment and making production costs more efficient

Whirlpool shares

Whirlpool shares gained more than 1.9% in extended trading after the appliance maker shared strong guidance for the year. Fourth-quarter revenue came in at $4.92 billion, slightly behind the $5.07 billion expected by analysts, according to FactSet. The home appliances company also announced its chief operating officer would transition to an advisory role and then leave the company.

Smarock cleaners

Smarock, a manufacturer and innovator in household cleaning appliances, is releasing 2 handheld dual-cup-filtration mite cleaners – S10 and S10 Pro, on January 5th.

Conventional allergen vacuums have low filtration efficiency. They have only one dust cup where filtration and dust storage are proceeded together. The stored dust will be blown up every time they vacuum, and some dust may pass through the filtration system and back to the fabric The single-cup design also results in a low durability of the filter. The filter is easily degraded or damaged as dust accumulates and covers the filter. Smarock has made a breakthrough in this with an original double-cup design. One cup is designed for filtration and the other for dust storage, effectively avoiding filter clogging and achieving better air filtration.

Smarock has innovated the brushroll, which consists of a metal body and silicone strips. Compared with traditional plastic brushrolls, it taps harder and faster – up to 12000 taps every minute, removing deep-seated dirt easily without damaging the fabric. With 500W motor power and 13KPa suction, dirt will be sucked into the machine once it moves to the surface of the fabric.

To make cleaning more time-saving and energy-saving, the suction inlets of S10 and S10 Pro are extended to 230mm long, allowing users to clean up an 180cm bed within 4 rounds of back and forth movement.

Moreover, Smarock S10 and S10 Pro are multitasking cleaners. They eliminate dust mites by 4 simultaneous procedures, including patting with the brushroll, disinfecting with UV light, repelling mites with ultrasound and dehumidifying with heatAs an enhanced version, S10 Pro is additionally equipped with a dust mite sensor that accurately calculates dust mites in the environment, and the mite index and cleaning status are presented on the display to help users clean in a smart way.

Sales Plan

Smarock has special offers with S10 priced at €85.99 and S10 Pro at €99.99 in the EU market from January 5th. Customers can get them from Geekbuying, Geekbuying Poland, Geekmaxi and Geekmall. And they’ll soon be available in the US market