Smarock cleaners

Smarock, a manufacturer and innovator in household cleaning appliances, is releasing 2 handheld dual-cup-filtration mite cleaners – S10 and S10 Pro, on January 5th.

Conventional allergen vacuums have low filtration efficiency. They have only one dust cup where filtration and dust storage are proceeded together. The stored dust will be blown up every time they vacuum, and some dust may pass through the filtration system and back to the fabric The single-cup design also results in a low durability of the filter. The filter is easily degraded or damaged as dust accumulates and covers the filter. Smarock has made a breakthrough in this with an original double-cup design. One cup is designed for filtration and the other for dust storage, effectively avoiding filter clogging and achieving better air filtration.

Smarock has innovated the brushroll, which consists of a metal body and silicone strips. Compared with traditional plastic brushrolls, it taps harder and faster – up to 12000 taps every minute, removing deep-seated dirt easily without damaging the fabric. With 500W motor power and 13KPa suction, dirt will be sucked into the machine once it moves to the surface of the fabric.

To make cleaning more time-saving and energy-saving, the suction inlets of S10 and S10 Pro are extended to 230mm long, allowing users to clean up an 180cm bed within 4 rounds of back and forth movement.

Moreover, Smarock S10 and S10 Pro are multitasking cleaners. They eliminate dust mites by 4 simultaneous procedures, including patting with the brushroll, disinfecting with UV light, repelling mites with ultrasound and dehumidifying with heatAs an enhanced version, S10 Pro is additionally equipped with a dust mite sensor that accurately calculates dust mites in the environment, and the mite index and cleaning status are presented on the display to help users clean in a smart way.

Sales Plan

Smarock has special offers with S10 priced at €85.99 and S10 Pro at €99.99 in the EU market from January 5th. Customers can get them from Geekbuying, Geekbuying Poland, Geekmaxi and Geekmall. And they’ll soon be available in the US market

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