Electrolux Professional sells Russia business to local management

Sweden’s Electrolux Professional is selling its business in Russia to its local management and leaving the country, the company said on Monday.

“As a result of the continued war and sanctions, we foresee that we will not be able to sell and service products in Russia in the medium to long term,” the maker of appliances for professional use said in a statement.

“Following the assessment that business continuity in Russia, in the current situation, is not feasible, Electrolux Professional is to cease its operations in the country,”

Electrolux Professional has reported global growth for 2021

Electrolux Professional’s international headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, has reported that its overall group financials have been positive in 2021.

The catering equipment manufacturer stated that the recovery of the hospitality industry has been faster than anticipated with its sales growing by 10% and its profit by 50%. This represents a net sales total of SEK7,862m (£635.3m).

60% of global net sales were from the food and beverage segment, with the remaining 40% from laundry. By region, 69% of net sales were from Europe, 16% from the Americas and 15 from Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa.

Three ways new green refrigerant gases can protect the environment and boost your business

Technological innovation is the core of Electrolux Professional solutions, aimed at lowering energy consumptions and significantly reducing the impact on the environment through the implementation of F-Gas compliant natural refrigerants.
Learn how next-generation refrigeration products are helping drive sustainability, support environmental goals, and tackle the issue of climate change for customers. https://www.electroluxprofessional.com/benefits-of-green-refrigerant-gases/

Electrolux Professional global sales “back to pre-pandemic levels”

Sweden-headquartered Electrolux Professional group has reported a positive fourth quarter of global trading for 2021.

Between October and December, net sales amounted to SEK2,309m (£182m), representing an overall sales increase of 19.3%. 14.2% of the total was due to organic sales growth, while the remaining 5.1% was contributed by Electrolux Professional’s acquisition of Unified Brands last October.

Electrolux Professional Loopcycle product traceability platform

Electrolux Professional has partnered with product traceability platform Loopcycle, in an effort to extend products’ lifecycle and improve circularity within the supply chain.

The platform allows users to register individual products from across the manufacturer’s commercial foodservice, beverage and laundry portfolios, and assign a unique Cyclecode to each. This enables dealers and end users to access a full mechanical history of the appliance, allowing them to more easily identify best practice and when to undertake servicing.

Loopcycle facilitates the tracking of appliances even if they’re sold on by the initial buyer. With a unique Cyclecode assigned to each unit, operators can ensure that they know exactly what they are purchasing when in the market for a second-hand appliance. 

Electrolux professional fighting COVID-19

When COVID-19 broke out, Electrolux professional started looking at solutions that could inactivate pathogenic microorganisms through washing programs. With the help of expertise from the research institute RISE in Gothenburg, Electrolux were able to develop a completely new washing program for Line 6000 that inactivates viruses from textiles.

The program is designed for private individuals and therefore perfect for users of machines in utility rooms.

As a result of COVID-19, more and more people have become worried about infection, so that we can now offer an effective washing program to inactivate a range of viruses feels very good”, says Silvana Johansson, Global Head of Category Laundry at Electrolux Professional.