personal time management is a priority, such as making use of highly performing services that do not impact the environment. Being able to count on efficient allies, to whom you can delegate the daily management of household chores without worries, is now essential. WashPass by Haier represents a tailor-made solution designed to offer unprecedented innovation, guaranteed by two leading brands that have always been synonymous with the highest quality.
The association of WashPass with the hOn app allows you to access the washing machine even remotely, receiving notifications in real time, and to take advantage of a higher number of programs than a standard washing machine. Enrollment between the washing machine and the hOn app is guided and simple: one minute to connect. The app will function as a single digital space to control and manage WashPass and is compatible with Alexa and Google Home smart speakers. Furthermore, it is possible to receive advice for laundry and access many features such as: Washing-Lens, which scans the labels of the garments and here is where hOn indicates the most suitable program; Eco-Schedule, which allows you to automatically program the start-up of household appliances directly in the most convenient time slots with respect to your electricity supplier’s contracts