Samsung washing mashine reduces microplastic to 54%

Samsung and Patagonia met to begin discussions on developing a solution to reduce microplastics that are shed from clothes when washed. Microplastics have a major impact on the environment, threatening not only the marine ecosystem but the health of the humans as well.

Since Samsung’s Digital Appliances division was already conducting its own research to reduce microplastics, we were able to form a mutual understanding and agreed to work together quickly – said Chiwoong Yoon, who worked on ESG Strategy and acted as manager throughout the collaborative project -. The support from Patagonia heavily motivated us and gave us the confidence to accelerate the development of a practical solution and commercialize it.»

In order to accurately and objectively verify that microplastics were being reduced, the companies needed help from a research institute in the field. Patagonia introduced the nonprofit marine conservation research organization Ocean Wise Plastics Lab to Samsung.

A year after the development began, Samsung finally succeeded in developing a laundry cycle that is specifically designed to reduce microplastic shedding by up to 54 percent. This technology both effectively washes clothes and reduces the release of microplastics, all while maintaining the quality of clothes

Grundig built-in microplastic filter to washing machines

Grundig expanding its sustainable product range, offering a solution to avoid microplastics in the water: the world’s first washing machines with built-in microplastic filter. The new technology filters up to 90% of textile microfibres from the washing water before they enter the wastewater and pollute the environment.With every wash, clothing and textiles release up to 3,000 fibres that reach our rivers, lakes and seas via wastewater. There, the microfibres are taken up by fish and other marine creatures, entering the food chain and ending up on our plates.

Grundig wants to stop this pollution cycle and brings the first washing machines with an integrated microplastic filter.

The first Grundig washing machines available with built-in microplastic filter technology are the models GW7P79419W for 9kg laundry and the 10kg model, GW7P510419W. The filter is located in the detergent compartment and is automatically activated in the Easy Care, Shirts and Outdoor/ Sport programmes. Several times during the washing cycle, the water is passed through the microplastic filter before it is pumped into the wastewater. Up to 90% of the synthetic microfibers are collected from the washing water inside the filter.