Groupe SEB unveils its global innovation center, based in France! 

Located at Ecully, in the Rhône region (69), at the Groupe SEB world headquarters, the new global innovation center has just been opened. It comprises six centers of excellence, a multidisciplinary hub and an innovation strategy team.

The new facility is dedicated to the creation of disruptive innovation concepts and collaborates with Business Units to develop product offerings for all of the Group’s brands.

Groupe SEB has announced a new partnership agreement with Chefclub,

Groupe SEB has announced a new partnership agreement with Chefclub, as well as the acquisition of a minority stake via its investment company, SEB Alliance.

Simplifying cooking and making it accessible to all: that’s what Chefclub, the start-up created in 2016 by three brothers, Thomas, Jonathan and Axel Lang, has set as its corporate mission. Chefclub has rapidly become a leading brand in the production and dissemination of cooking content. It has already sold 700,000 books and launched a series of innovative products for kids, which more than 150,000 families have enjoyed so far, all created in collaboration with its online community. Groupe SEB, always at the forefront of innovation, decided to partner with Chefclub, in its new round of financing, for its appeal of experiential content and direct access to online communities which represents the future of e-commerce.

100 million followers: direct access to a powerful global online community

Free dissemination of quality content has enabled the brand to attract a community of tens of millions of followers. A true Digital Native Vertical Brand (DNVB), Chefclub has built a relationship of trust with its users, who they can consult and involve in the development of their products. Each product is designed based on the tastes of and requests and comments from the online community, expressed at different stages of the creation process.

More than one billion views per month: unrivaled visibility

Unlike traditional DNVBs, however, Chefclub stands out thanks to one key strength. As viewers switch from television to social media, Chefclub promotes its brand and its products via inspirational and amusing video recipes viewed all over the world: in December 2020, more than 50 million Americans and close to 15 million French viewers watched Chefclub’s recipe videos.

And a strategic brand license: “Chefclub by Tefal”

This acquisition is also part of joint efforts which will be stepped up in H1 2021 with the launch of a range of products under the brand license “Chefclub by Tefal”, including skillets, saucepans, kitchen tools and small domestic appliances. Created in collaboration with the Chefclub community, this range combines Chefclub’s expertise in the development of creative recipes with Tefal’s sustainable design for simple products to make cooking easier. It will be launched shortly in France and internationally (Germany, Brazil, Italy, South Korea, Canada, Spain, the UK and Mexico), and will be sold via all offline and online channels as well as directly to customers (DtoC) on the Tefal and Chefclub websites.

The new brand “Chefclub by Tefal” benefits from unprecedented visibility on social networks and will broaden Groupe SEB’s reach, particularly with Millennials, who are discovering or rediscovering the joys of cooking thanks to the start-up’s content. By joining forces with Groupe SEB, world reference for small domestic appliances, Chefclub has access to recognized industrial expertise, the renown of the Tefal brand and a broader retail network which will enable its community to discover its products via the Group’s retail channels.