Groupe Seb soars on the Stock Exchange

With a leap of 7%, the Paris Stock Exchange greeted Groupe SEB’s financial statements yesterday. Sales (7.96 billion) are only 1.2% lower than those of the record year 2021 and up 8.2% on 2019. The fourth quarter closed with revenues down by 3, 6% to 2.4 billion. In both cases the trend is higher than analysts’ expectations, as reported by Radioco.

The Seb group owns 32 brands, including Tefal, Seb, Rowenta, Moulinex, Krups, Lagostina, Wmf, Emsa and Supor. It is present in 150 countries and has over 33,000 employees. 

After a record 2021, Seb group sales delivered a resilient performance in 2022. The group’s business held up well in most of the geographic areas in which it operates and the fourth quarter marked a slightly more favorable trend’” , commented the CEO Stanislas de Gramont , recalling that“from the second quarter the ‘Consumer’ activity (-2.6% to 7.2 billion) is influenced by the impact of the war in Ukraine and by issues specific to some markets’, in particular France (-22%) and Germany (-13%), ‘but it recorded a satisfactory performance in other countries, including China’. The ‘Professional’ hub (+15.6% to 725 million) recorded ‘a strong dynamic throughout the year and continues to be an important growth lever for the entire group ‘. Seb ‘confirms the operating margin target for 2022 and estimates that it will be in the high end of the range between 7% and 7.5%’.

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