Electrolux Archdaily website

This week marks a significant milestone as we unveil our new Electrolux Group microsite on the ArchDaily website: https://www.archdaily.com/catalog/us/companies/2472/electrolux-group

The microsite boasts an extensive collection of cutting-edge products from Electrolux and AEG brands, while also highlighting several building projects and designs that have incorporated our built-in kitchen appliances.

ArchDaily, with nearly 18 million monthly visitors, is the world’s most prominent and reliable architecture platform. Our inclusion on their platform demonstrates Electrolux commitment to providing high-quality, innovative solutions for the architectural community and beyond.

Bertazzoni Design Award

Bertazzoni recently received the 2022 Good Design Award for two of its appliances: 36-inch Induction Built-in Cooktop with Integrated Hood and the new French Door Refrigeration Platform.

Designed with precision touch controls and digital-timed cooking functions, the 36-inch Induction Built-in Cooktop with Integrated Hood allows to efficiently manage the cooking process, and offers a refined style with its integrated down-draft hood-perfect for island applications in particular. Moreover, the induction hob features four speeds for each of its cooking zones, providing instant heating and cooling through the latest induction technology. This cooktop also includes sensors that automatically detect the size of the cookware and adjust the heated area to fit their footprint, allowing for the heating in the induction zone to be the most efficient.

36’’ French Door Refrigeration series

The French Door Refrigeration Platform, instead, offers superior energy efficiency, with 8% less power consumption and EnergyStar ratings, and the XT model features the all-new Quattro Temp Zone – a storage drawer with customizable settings with an LED touch interface to precisely control temperature. The designs behind each unit represent the latest in food preservation technology with thoughtful features including top category interior space dimensions to maximize load capacity and digital LED touch interfaces that control temperature and humidity