New from Karcher

Kärcher presents several new products in the category of professional and home air cleaners that use a highly efficient filter system and quiet motors. The offer of new products is complemented by compact water dispensers. There is even a complete water filtration solution installed directly in the kitchen unit.

Professional air cleaning
Kärcher AF 100 H13
This powerful and extremely effective cleaner is intended for offices, schools, but also medical facilities, suitable for spaces up to 87 m2 in size. The air is cleaned primarily by a high-quality HEPA H13 filter capable of capturing microbes, pollen, chemical vapors and viruses. Its efficiency is 99.95% for particles with a size of 0.3 microns. The filter set has a surface treatment with silver ions that destroys bacteria and other pathogens, and there is also a layer of activated carbon to eliminate odors, pollen and volatile substances. If extreme filtering capabilities are needed, it is possible to optionally purchase and install an even more effective HEPA H14 filter recommended for special areas, e.g. healthcare. This filter boasts a separation rate of 99.995% for particles with a diameter of 0.1 to 0.3 microns and a special certification.

The cleaner itself has a practical compact design and can be moved very easily thanks to the robust wheels. Cleaned air comes out from its upper side and goes towards the ceiling, which ensures its perfect circulation in the room. At the highest power setting, the air flow reaches 650 m3/h (with H13 filter), with 3 speeds available. Of course, there is a fully automatic mode, in which the purifier controls its operation on its own based on the actual air quality in the room. This is guarded by an integrated laser sensor. The air condition is displayed on a clear LED display, which you can optionally turn off by activating the night mode. The noise level of the cleaner varies between 25 dB(A) and 48 dB(A) depending on the current fan speed.

Air purifiers for households
Kärcher AF 20, AF 30 and AF 50
The portfolio of cleaners intended for ordinary households currently consists of three new products that differ mainly in their performance. All of them have an elegant and at the same time unobtrusive design, so they blend perfectly with the interior of any home.

The highest model AF 50 is optimally suitable, as the label suggests, for rooms with a size of 50 m2 (up to 520 m3/h), while the AF 30 model for rooms with an area of 30 m2 (up to 320 m3/h). Thanks to their high performance, they can filter the air in such rooms 3 times per hour (with a room height of 3 m). Both of these cleaners have the same appearance and other specifications, with the exception of their performance and dimensions, of course. You will also find a pleasant inverse display showing not only the state of the air, but also the temperature and relative humidity of the air. Control is solved using a touch panel.

Filtration is handled by a system with a HEPA H13 filter (99.95% efficiency for particles of 0.3 microns), a carbon layer and an antibacterial surface treatment. The filter eliminates germs, bacteria, chemical vapors and volatile organic substances. From the functional equipment, it is worth noting the possibility to activate a fully automatic mode using an air quality sensor, a timer or a night mode. For both cleaners, the noise level varies between 29 dB(A) and 53 dB(A), depending on the selected power level.

The third model, marked AF 20, is aimed at smaller households, where it can be used in rooms of around 20 m2 (220 m3/h). This novelty bets on a more rounded shape than the previous two cleaners presented. In this case, the display and touch controls are not located on the side, but on the top. Among its great strengths are its record-breakingly small dimensions of 22 x 22 x 34.4 cm – it is even the smallest in its category on the market. But it does not lack any of the important functions, such as a timer, night mode or automatic mode. In its case, the noise is 26 to 52 dB(A) depending on the set power. It has the same filtering properties as AF 30 and 50 and can also filter the air in the room 3x per hour.

Kärcher WPD 50 WS and WPD 50 water dispensers
Whether you choose the first named WPD 50 WS model with sparkling water function or the WPD 50 model without this function, you are always sure that you will have tasty and perfectly clean chilled water in your glass. The device is especially suitable for offices, waiting rooms, retail stores or hotels, where it replaces barrel systems and removes chlorine, heavy metals and even bacteria and viruses from ordinary tap water. The water passes through the Hy-Pure-Plus filter with active carbon. And performance? Up to 15 liters of water per hour. The dispensing valve is protected against contact, so maximum hygiene is ensured, and there is no risk of any splashing of water thanks to the drip tray with protection against overflow. We must emphasize the presence of a cooling module. For the WPD 50 WS variant, the already mentioned function of carbonated water – the user has the choice of either chilled still or sparkling water. Installation of the dispenser is very simple, as you only need to place it on a table or worktop. And maintenance? Very simple with the original Kärcher cleaning solution.
Water filter
Kärcher WPC 120 UF
Rounding off the list of new features is a brand new device with a water ultrafiltration system right under your sink. It is mainly suitable for places where the water quality is not very high or its purity is not stable. The four-stage filtration system rids it of bacteria, viruses, chlorine, heavy metals, but also drug residues and microplastics. At the same time, it will improve its taste. The battery will always end up with water in your glass, which you will be happy to drink. A trio of powerful filters is hidden in the model under the sink and is enough to dispense approximately 2,500 liters of water. It should be noted that the entire system does not require power and the water tap is included in the delivery.

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