VIOMI Launches at IFA2022

VIOMI will bring a variety of new launching and hot sales to show at IFA exhibition.

Show the product features  face-to-face with customers, and highlight brand strength

Alpha 3 Max All-in-One, A Totally Hands-free Experience

Cyber Pro High-end 3-in-1 Cordless Wet-Dry Vacuum Cleaner

21 Face2 S All-in-one Superior 640L Smart Refrigerator

Master Eyebot External air circulation smart-touch washing and drying expert (11kg+7kg)

Space X Omnidirectional Air Supply, Smart Airflow Expert


Breaking news Viomi announce that Deng Lun, one of the top celebrities in China, becomes Viomi’s global brand spokesperson. viomi hope tha tDeng Lun’s positive influence among young people will further strengthen Viomi’s “Trending Tech” brand positioning. #Viomi # #technology

Viomi’s mission is to redefine the future home via the concept of IoT @ Home.

The Company has developed a unique IoT @ Home platform consisting an ecosystem of innovative IoT-enabled smart home products, together with a suite of complementary consumable products and value-added businesses. This platform provides an attractive entry point into the consumer home, enabling consumers to intelligently interact with a broad portfolio of IoT products in an intuitive and human-like manner to make daily life more convenient, efficient and enjoyable, while allowing us to grow our household user base and capture various additional scenario-driven consumption events in the home environment.
Viomi operate a highly scalable business model based on the three key pillars of:

IoT-enabled smart home products;Complementary consumable products and value-added businesses;A factory-to-consumer (F2C) new retail sales strategy.

Aimed at China’s young, modern, “new middle-class” consumers, our portfolio of innovative IoT products form the core of our IoT @ Home platform. Viomi have successfully brought to market an extensive range of IoT products, including our smart water purification systems, smart kitchen products, including smart refrigerators and range hoods, and other smart products such as smart washing machines, water heaters and other smart devices.

Xiaomi is Viomi strategic partner and shareholder. Viomi strategic partnership with Xiaomi gives them access to Xiaomi’s ecosystem users, market and data resources and related support. Meanwhile, strong research and development capabilities and innovative products and services also enrich Xiaomi’s suite of offerings, resulting in a mutually beneficial relationship between Xiaomi and Viomi

Smart-Appliance Maker Viomi Reports Surging First-Quarter Profit and Revenue Growth

Viomi Technology, a Xiaomi-backed Chinese startup focusing on developing Internet of Things (IoT)-powered home appliances, posted a 173.2% increase in first-quarter net profit as the firm expanded overseas.

Net profit for the quarter that ended on March 31 surged to 49.1 million yuan ($7.5 million), Viomi said in its earnings report released Thursday.

Revenue rose 64% year-on-year to 1.3 billion yuan, about 73% of which came from sales of its IoT-enabled appliances such as sweeper robots and smart kitchen products, according to the financial report. Sales of IoT-enabled appliances jumped 111.5% year-on-year.

The remainder of Viomi’s revenue was generated from sales of its domestic water solutions, consumables and small appliances, the report said.

Viomi said that the robust growth got a boost in part by its drive to expand into overseas markets including Europe, Southeast Asia, South Korea and Australia, where its sweeper robots are popular.

“Our products are designed with an eye on health care, smartification, home security and natural AI voice interactions,” said Viomi CEO Chen Xiaoping. “Looking ahead at the rest of 2021, we will continue to optimize our IoT product portfolio with a focus on AI application.”

As of the end of March, Viomi accumulated 5.6 million household users, about 20.4% of which had at least two Viomi-branded internet connected products, according to the report.

The Nasdaq-listed company said that it expects its second-quarter revenue to be between 1.7 billion yuan and 1.9 billion yuan, representing a year-on-year increase of 2.1% to 9.8%.