Smeg Galileo

A revolution in enhanced cooking results, the Galileo platform at its most basic level features new and improved airflow systems for solid baking and browning results.

At the more advanced end of the range, you’ll discover models such as SpeedwaveXL, SteamOne/ Steam100Pro, and OmniChef features on the site, all of which use state of the art multicooking technology to combine oven with microwave, oven with steam, or oven with steam and microwave.

These all deliver huge benefits not only in excellent cooking results, but far reduced cooking times. More information on this amazing oven

Beko fridge freezer USA awards winners

Beko US has won the 2021 TWICE VIP Award for our 36” French Four-Door Refrigerator! Thank you for recognizing our commitment to creating healthier, more sustainable homes.

This refrigerator is part of our Fresh Produce Promise and comes equipped with EverFresh+ & Active Blue Light Technology. Click the link in our bio to learn more about our award-winning refrigerator.