Samsung New built-in cooking

Now available to order in the UK
, Samsung New Series 6 Blue Navy and Series 7 Satin Beige.

▪︎ Wi-Fi connected as standard (All)
▪︎ 5yr Parts and Labour Warranty
▪︎ AI Cooking technology (Series 7)
▪︎ Auto open door (Series 7)
▪︎ Full Steam (Series 6&7)
▪︎ Air Sous Vide
▪︎ Air Fry
▪︎ 40 Auto Cooking Functions
▪︎ Pyrolytic Cleaning
▪︎ 3 Colours Blue, Beige, Black

Smeg Galileo

A revolution in enhanced cooking results, the Galileo platform at its most basic level features new and improved airflow systems for solid baking and browning results.

At the more advanced end of the range, you’ll discover models such as SpeedwaveXL, SteamOne/ Steam100Pro, and OmniChef features on the site, all of which use state of the art multicooking technology to combine oven with microwave, oven with steam, or oven with steam and microwave.

These all deliver huge benefits not only in excellent cooking results, but far reduced cooking times. More information on this amazing oven

Valor returns

Glen Dimplex Home Appliances (GDHA) is to relaunch the Valor brand on cooking products in the UK.

established in Birmingham in 1890, Valor began its life with one small factory producing paraffin heaters. Since then, the brand has grown steadily to become known for domestic fireplaces in the UK market. In 1926 Valor launched its first oil powered cooker and went on to become a popular brand in the domestic appliance sector.

After falling victim to difficult market conditions, it ceased to produce cookers, instead focusing on home heating appliances after being acquired by the Dimplex Group in 2009. GDHA has now added the brand to its portfolio.

Said Denver Hewlett, chief executive of GDHA (pictured): “GDHA specialises in reviving struggling brands and we are very excited about the prospect of relaunching Valor. Valor remains a recognisable name in the home heating sector, but it once had a great reputation as a manufacturer of cooking appliances. We hope the new Valor range will appeal to those looking for a well-made, reliable and traditionally styled cooker.”