Electrolux rumours

There have been rumors about the sale of the Swedish company for some time now

“we don’t comment on rumors,” Electrolux PR manager Paul Palmstedt told the Swedish financial publication Privata Affaerer .

Chinese company Midea had been rumoured to be interested

Electrolux is not sailing in good waters at the moment. It loses on the North American market and does not gain on the European one which is suffering from weak demand. Things are going better in the professional segment and partly in the built-in segment, sure, but the cost base is high and making margins isn’t easy.Midea has repeatedly stated that it sees its future in high value-added productions such as advanced robotics and automotive. It is said that you intend to invest money and intellectual resources in a business like ‘white’ which will be stagnant in the next few years at best.Electrolux collaborates with Midea in China to promote AEG without the need to exchange shares. One can think of a partial entry of Midea into the shareholding structure of Electrolux, or of joint ventures for the marketing in Europe (and in the USA) of products made by Midea but conceived and sold by Electrolux.

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