Elica success story

Elica is today the global leader in the sector of kitchen extractor hoods. They have managed to record numbers

Elica has achieved the right mix of financial soundness and Italian design & innovation soul:

✔️ we are expecting to close 2022 with incremental revenues and margin, in spite of inflation, geopolitical tensions and weak demand,

✔️ Elica are back to a sustainable long term dividend distribution plan aimed at preserving strategic investments and external growth,

✔️ looking for new M&A or joint venture opportunities to grow their cooking business,

✔️ Elica are leading the ecological transition in the HVAC industry with their BU Motors EMC FIME (representing 25% of the Group’s turnover, with a 30% growth rate).

Year after year, Elica have been expanding our value proposition and increasing their innovation rate, proving vision and resilience even in uncertain times.

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