LG Developing Smart Home Appliances Using Sleep Analytics Technology

LG Electronics Inc. has teamed up with a local firm to develop smart home appliances that utilize sleep analytics technology.

The home appliance maker said Monday it has signed a memorandum of understanding with Asleep, a sleep tracking software startup, to work together in the field of sleep technology.

Asleep’s artificial intelligence (AI)-based technology can measure various sleep phases under any circumstances as long as there is a smartphone, a smart TV, a speaker, or any device with a microphone present.

“We plan to create a smart home appliance device that offers optimized services based on the customer’s personal sleeping status and patterns,” LG said.

If a customer is deemed to be asleep, for instance, the air purifier in the bedroom automatically transitions into sleep mode, and the air conditioner resets the temperature to cater to the optimal air conditions based on recent sleep records.

Asleep plans to display its products at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) next month and hold demonstrations of a smart bedroom environment complete with LG’s premium home appliances and sleep analytics technology

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