Ten millionth refrigerator Hisense factory in Valjevo

The ten millionth refrigerator was produced in Hisense factory in Valjevo, Serbia. The ten millionth refrigerator came off factory line at the beginning of December. According to the factory’s tradition, this jubilee refrigerator is not intended for sale, but for one of the employees, Mara Veselinović, who contributes to the company’s success every day with her commitment, hard work, and dedication. Mara Veselinović, the winner 🏆 of the jubilee device, did not hide her happiness for the gift given to her: “I try to give my best every day in my work, and I am glad that the company recognized my effort. The device I received will be useful for my daughter, who became a mother two months ago. I am very grateful to the company for the gift.”

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