Elica, again awards for Ikona Maxxi Pure

Iconic, technologically advanced and essential for indoor air: Ikona Maxxi Pure , the first Elica hood that integrates an air purifier equipped with the Combo pure filter, a special combination of HEPA and carbon filters that captures particles up to 1 micron, is wins new international awards .

In fact, the product wins in first place the IF Design Award , the most important international design award that is annually conferred by the IF International Forum Design in the Kitchen Products category . Thanks to its recognizable pyramid-shaped lines and through pluses of high innovation and efficiency contained in the product, Ikona Maxxi Pure is positioned as platinum at the A’Design Award in the A ‘Home Appliances Design Award category .

Elica also obtained first place at the German Innovation Award in the Excellence in Business to Consumer category , reserved for those who propose solutions that are distinguished mainly by “user centricity” and the added value of the product. Its design, in fact, for a faster action, allows the activation of the “Boost” mode. By doing so, Ikona Maxxi Pure, in just 20 minutes, completely regenerates the air of a living space of 30m², equal to the size of a medium-large kitchen combined with the living area.

The Elica hood had already obtained, last February, two other prestigious awards: the Good Design Award 2021 , in the Kitchen and Appliances category, and the Kitchen Innovation Award 2022 , in the Large Electrical Appliances category, for the criteria of functionality, ease of use. use, innovation, product benefits and design , representing a solution that perfectly meets the needs of contemporary living, where functionality and design combine to ensure comfort and well-being: it effectively eliminates odors, fumes and vapors produced by cooking while completely regenerating the air in the living area, neutralizing harmful agents and polluting particles.

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