Siemens Appliances updates its positioning and brand image by responding to the evolving needs of its higher-end consumers for a “new kind” of progress . The brand reshaping project was illustrated by the company at Eurocucina 2022 , in the BSH Group stand , and is based on a research commissioned by Siemensand conducted in 7 countries to examine the new concept of progress. More than 70% of respondents, regardless of income and educational level, say they are ready to replace the ideal of progress, understood as something of ever higher value and rapidly rising, with a more balanced version, which includes relationships significant, well-being and protection of the planet .

The new corporate identity of Siemens wants to represent the commitment towards more significant progress and the desire to be in the driver’s seat for a more sustainable future. The intelligent technology of its products, which are increasingly connected, is destined to solve a series of problems that go far beyond people’s individual lives. “ With our people-focused, research-based brand, we cater to consumers and all their daily needs, enabling them to achieve their goals effortlessly ,” said Matthias Ginthum, Chief Markets Officer of BSH Appliances .

Starting from June 2022, the new communication campaign of Siemens appliance s makes its debut in all the key markets of the brand and is addressed to a specific demographic: curious consumers, in search of progress and with great affinity towards the latest technologies. This target therefore represents progress seekers who put well-being at the center , trying to have a lower impact on the environment and with a greater emphasis on meaningful relationships.

Based on these assumptions, the design of the products and of the brand in general has also been reshaped to focus on a new visual identity system , which seeks greater dynamism and modernity. Also new are the colours that will identify Siemens from today: midnight blue, optical white will be joined by the characteristic Siemens petrol green . Thanks to the effectiveness of the combination of typography and images, the design now fully reflects the brand’s even more 360-degree approach to the concepts of progress and the future with a metropolitan, elegant character, suitable for unique and high-profile personalities. Consumers will be able to touch the new design firsthand in over 8500 Siemens Home Appliances stores,including showrooms, flagship stores and shop-in-shops spread all over the world. The new campaign has a special focus on brand-owned channels and social media.

The new range of iQ700 ovens, the heart of the smart kitchen
The newest member of the smart cooker family, the iQ700 oven with “Individual Browning” , was featured in the “Home for Progress” by Stephanie Baltz, Head of Marketing, Region Europe at BSH . Siemens therefore demonstrates how connected cooking is evolving with the support of avant-garde technologies, such as AI, which take the user experience to levels never seen before. The iQ700 range of ovens, flagship products of Siemens connected home appliances, real assistants with digital support addressed to all consumers who want to have complete control of their experience in the kitchen, is is designed for anyone who aspires to cook according to their specific needs. Connected appliances in the Intelligent Kitchen accompany Siemens consumers on the entire culinary journey – from shopping to storage, from food preparation to presentation and washing dishes – in a sustainable and healthy way

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