The latest innovations by Siemens

This year’s IFA is full of exciting innovations in the field of home appliances. We present highlights from the BSH brand Siemens.

The global Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted the world in many ways. Few things are as they were, but a few trends have only been amplified by lockdowns and home offices: for many people, the kitchen is the center of quality of life in their own homes. “Despite – or perhaps because of – Corona, around a third of all city dwellers would like to invest in their kitchen in the near future,” says Roland Hagenbucher, Managing Director of Siemens Home Appliances Germany.  

It is no wonder then that the BSH brand Siemens has placed its focus on the topic “kitchen” for the IFA, which will take place in a virtual showroom in 2020. It is precisely in this field that Siemens can point to years of experience in smart technologies and stylish designs. And it is also precisely in these fields that Siemens is presenting a whole range of innovative and aesthetic new products, all with the aim of improving the quality of life for consumers.

The future of dishwashing

The first demonstration of this, is BSH’s new generation of dishwashers. This clever series was developed for both the Siemens and Bosch brands and is 100% connected from the entry-level model to the premium model. Automated programs allow the consumer to fully adjust the appliance to their needs. Using Home Connect, they can also speed up the washing cycle – no more frantic dishwashing when guests arrive early! 

Of course, the new generation is also available in a wide range of different versions so that the dishwasher can be perfectly integrated into the kitchen. The result is full flexibility without sacrificing performance or appearance.


Showstopping cooking

Combining an elegant look with the latest innovation was also the goal of the glassdraftAir table fan. This slim glass panel sits behind the stove top and can be extended while cooking. The patented Guided-Air technology creates an air curtain behind the glass panel, which directly draws in fumes – even from cooking zones that are further away. This powerful extractor power, together with an integrated light show in the glass panel, sets the stage for showstopping cooking. 

The perfect addition is the activeLight cooktop, upon which pots and pans can be placed flexibly thanks to the interactive light matrix. Of course, the cooktop and the table fan can be connected with each other, so that the power of the extractor fan can be controlled directly from the cooktop – a function which, by the way, is possible with all Siemens cooktops equipped with cookConnect. 


Breathtaking design

Good design does not always have to be extravagant – it can also be clever solutions that make life easier for a lot of people. Just like the inductionAir Plus cooktop. This innovative cooktop with integrated extractor fan can be adapted to the most diverse architectural environments, thanks to a wide range of different sizes. So almost every household can enjoy a cooking experience without fumes. No wonder the cooktop has already won an iF Award and a Red Dot Design Award!


A coffee to round things off

The crowning glory for Siemens at IFA 2020 is the EQ.9 plus – a fully automatic coffee machine. This successful series is now available in two different designs: a chic chrome look, similar to typical Italian coffee machines, and a sophisticated dark-inox casing. There is also the new baristaMode, where the espresso or coffee can be adjusted to personal taste. “Especially in times of Corona, when people work from home a lot, I can enjoy coffee in my own home the way I love it,” says product designer Melanie Mager. 

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