Hisense celebrate 10 years in Italy

Hisense Italia celebrates its first 10 Italian years with great news . Starting from the name of the Italian office, “ Hisense Thebigten ”, which he chose precisely to celebrate this important milestone. But not only. It also inaugurates the first showroom in Italy flanked by a new Training Center dedicated to the world of air conditioning.
occupies over 700 square meters of exhibition space and each product category has a dedicated area in which the latest news on TV & Audio, large free standing appliances and built-in solutions for the kitchen , small appliances , air conditioning systems will be presented. residential and professional and video products dedicated to the B2B market. A Training Center dedicated to air conditioning

Hisense announce new range of dishwashers

The current main dishwashers project for the Gorenje and Hisense brands is the new DW50 dishwasher platform, which will completely replace the existing one. The new dishwashers will provide better results, functionality and a better user experience. Their main innovations include:
– automatic dosing – less worries and lower detergent consumption,
– UV technology, which ensures the removal of 99.9% of bacteria and viruses,
– drying with a fan, which in combination with automatic door opening ensures completely dry dishes,
– connectivity that enables remote use, monitoring and control,
– touch control and touch screen on all models,
– large capacity, as the DW50 can wash 16 complete sets of plates, glasses, and cutlery.

Other innovations depend on the selected models: additional spraying nozzles to help clean pans and dirtier dishes, an ionizer for fresh air without odors, a flexible third basket and a basket for accessories, and accessories for washing tall wine glasses, night program etc.
Our new dishwashers will be available to customers in the last quarter of 2022 and in the coming years, we hope to increase the dishwasher production capacities.