Best cooker hoods IQ blower system

Best, designer of luxury range hoods, has introduced the Best iQ Blower System™, an intuitive range hood blower system that guarantees peak operating performance after installation. This innovative system has the intelligence to know when the duct system is severely restricted. If airflow is impeded, an Led light flashes to notify the installer for corrective action. This instant notification means more satisfied clients for designers.

The company also explains that the Best iQ Blower System is up to two times quieter than other high-performance range hoods and removes smoke and odors up to 30 percent faster. This system is also up to 22 times more energy-efficient than comparable high-performance range hoods, providing energy efficiency along with the performance consumers expect from Best. This improved functionality is due to the system’s advanced digital motor technology, along with a smooth flow blower and filter design that ensure quiet performance.

The advanced technology of the Best iQ Blower System provides effective, nearly silent normal operation while assuring peak performance for each installation – says Brian Wellnitz, Senior Group Product Manager, kitchen ventilation, Best – This product with the iQ Blower System satisfies the needs of designers in search of the highest-quality, Italian-designed range hoods with the latest cutting-edge technology.

The BEST® iQ Blower System™ provides the quietest, best performing cooker hood.

BEST’s iQ Blower System is the quietest in its class.

The iQ Blower is up to 2X quieter than competitive blowers – even when installed in a range hood! iQ technology makes BEST range hoods the quietest in their class – at any speed, and that makes family conversations possible.
The iQ Blower is up to 30% faster than the competition at removing smoke and odors, keeping your kitchen fresher, cleaner and more comfortable while you prepare the meal.
The iQ Blower is up to 22X more energy efficient than competitor’s high performance range hoods – using less energy, providing savings on your utility bill and giving you a longer lasting product.