Teka presents its new range of wine cellars that adapt to keep each type of wine in ideal conditions

Teka has presented its latest products

The brand has presented its series of Sommelier wine cellarselectrical appliances with a careful design and the latest technologies to be able to take care of the wine and keep it in the ideal storage conditions. Each type of wine needs to be kept at a specific temperature and that is what the Sommelier wine cellars presented by the brand are looking for. To achieve this, Teka has provided this range of different technologies aimed at achieving the ideal conditions.
The Sommelier range has PerfectTemp technology that allows you to create up to three independent temperature zones so that we can store red, white and sparkling wine in one place, each with precise conditions.
To maintain the temperature, the wine cellars have the SmartControl system so that the temperature does not oscillate more than 1Âș. In addition, they add the SurroundAir cooling system, which evenly distributes cold air to keep the temperature constant and homogeneous throughout the interior HumidityControl, which maintains the proper humidity level, between 55% and 75%thus preventing the cork from drying out and preserving its quality, and an activated carbon filter, which renews and purifies the air inside.tinted glass door that protects from light and UV rayspreventing the premature aging of the wine and an anti-vibration system that dampens any movement, thus avoiding the fatigue of the wine.

The Sommelier range is available in different sizes and designs designed for three different types of installation: built-in, undercounter and free-standing. In addition, they have reversible doors that allow the wine cellar to be adapted to any space, being able to choose between opening to the right or to the left.

Dometic launches new wine fridge that fits in drawer

The Swedish appliance brand is expanding its interior appliance portfolio with an award-winning compact wine cooling drawer, aptly named Dometic DrawBar.
With a five bottle capacity and integrated design, this patent pending innovative product will be available in the European market in Q4 of 2022, the company says.

According to Dometic, DrawBar is a new home appliance that offers the functionality of a full-size wine cooler in an elegant compact design.

Haier at Milan wine week

Haier’s collaboration at Milan Wine Week is renewed, with the connected wine cellars protagonists of various activities in the places of the event and prize of a competition
The collaboration between Haier and the Milan Wine Week , scheduled from 8 to 16 October, is also renewed this year . The brand is part of the Haier Smart Home Group , in first place in the world in large appliances, confirms the partnership with the event, which will feature the wide range of connected wine cellars available.

The Haier wine cellars will be present at Palazzo Bovara and Palazzo Castiglioni, which will host respectively the masterclasses and the wine shop area : here the participants will be able to test the multiple advanced features of the solutions proposed by Haier to bring the home experience to professional levels. Haier will also be present in every Wine District in Milan where all wine lovers will be able to receive information on the range of wineries available, obtain a special discount for the purchase of products on the Haier Shop website and participate in the Haier contest activated for the occasion.activating the Virtual Wine Cellar of the hOn app and scanning the bottle of wine supplied to the Haier Ambassadors, each participant will have the opportunity to win one of the five Wine Bank 50 Series 7 up for grabs , suitable for 42 bottles and worth € 999 l ‘a. The competition, designed to allow all consumers to know and discover the potential of the hOn app, the digital ecosystem where you can control and all the connected appliances of the Group’s brands and obtain premium features, will be open to all visitors of the Milanese event. .

“ In recent years, our offer for wine lovers has become the most complete on the market. For this reason we could not miss the fifth edition of the Milan Wine Week, the perfect setting to make our news known and spread the good culture of wine conservation – declares Gianpiero Morbello, head of Brand & IoT of Haier Europe -. Our wineries offer increasingly innovative services that become even more tailor made and professional when connected with the hOn app, a new way of experiencing the world of wine at home, with professional advice, perfect combinations and the best product conservation “.

New AEG wine cellar

New AEG wine cellar (model AWUD040B8B) is characterized by a linear aesthetics and a refined Matt Black nuance. It has 5 shelves (3 of which are made of wood and can be pulled out on telescopic guides) and stores up to 40 bottles of wine at an adjustable temperature from 5°C to 20°C and with a humidity percentage above 50%. The temperature can be constantly monitored through the electronic control via the LCD Touch Control display. In addition, the double upper LED lighting and the three-layer glass, resistant to the UV rays, safeguard the bottles. Other pluses of the product are: the acoustic and luminous alarms that signal when the door is open or the temperature is not suitable for storing the bottles; the activated carbon filter, the low noise, the concealed handle and the reversible door with hinging on the right.

Liebherr to showcase the future of sustainable refrigeration and freezing at IFA 2022

Liebherr-Hausgeraete is presenting its latest innovations at this year’s IFA, under the motto “shaping the future of freshness”. Its products and freshness solutions are all geared towards achieving a more sustainable future. The company will also present a pioneering technology which it says will revolutionise refigeration and freezing.

The new products of Liebherr have been developed with a view of achieving high levels of energy efficiency, a longer service life and reducing food waste by keeping food fresh for a very long time. They will be presented at IFA in Berlin, Stand 201 in Hall 2.1, where the specialist for refrigeration and freezing will be demonstrating its latest innovations between September 2nd and 6th.

The theme behind Liebherr’s IFA attendance is “shaping the future of freshness”. The stand will showcase the company’s forward-looking innovations for a more sustainable lifestyle focusing on energy efficiency, freshness solutions, smart technologies all within the “timeless, elegant” design of its applianceslot has happened since the last time we participated at IFA: We have further developed our appliances and technologies in a more sustainable manner. The introduction of our new fully integrated and freestanding appliances brings us another great step further towards a more eco-friendly future”, says Steffen Nagel, Managing Director Sales & Marketing at Liebherr-Hausgeraete.

“Now we are looking forward to presenting our world of freshness to the public at the leading trade fair IFA and letting them participate in a world premiere”.

It is evident that sustainability is not simply viewed as a new trend for Liebherr. Their products are designed and tested for a minimum service life of 15 years. The key to an exceptionally long service life is using high-quality materials, or in the company’s words: “This uncompromising quality standard extends from the smallest detail to the design”.

The manufacturer said it has achieved the highest possible energy efficiency classes, as well as using responsibly sourced resources. In addition, the company will leverage IFA’s platform to demonstrate how high-quality materials and smart technologies can play a key role in saving energy

Dometic DrawBar: novel wine cooling

Dometic DrawBar offers the functionality of a full-size wine cooler in an elegant compact design that fits five bottles. The product has been designed and engineered to be seamlessly integrated in 60cm wide standard kitchen cabinetry, either under a compact appliance or under the counter. With the option to be faced with glass, or custom panelling, installation is easily customisable making it the perfect addition to any kitchen.

Where dimensional constraints won’t allow for a full-size wine cooler, Dometic DrawBar brings an expert solution that offers precision cooling technology. Featuring a user-friendly control panel, the appliance offers five preset temperatures for cooling and storing white, red and sparkling wines. This innovative cooling drawer is also equipped with a humidity tray that works to maintain optimal humidity level inside the cabinet. Its five-bottle capacity can accommodate everything from a long Reisling to a large Champagne bottle

Featuring a removable rack with silicone edges, the user experience is easy and elegant. Soft illumination fades on and off as users open and close the drawer and incorporates Dometic DrawBar’s quiet and energy efficient cooling technology. In other words, it brings a new kind of innovation that is smart, ergonomic and simply designed, drawing on our Scandinavian heritage, for a variety of appliances across the home.

DrawBar leverages Dometic’s expertise in cooling technology, a legacy of which dates back to 1922, when two young Swedish engineers invented the absorption cooling technology, as well as its rich history in developing appliances for compact spaces.

Meet Dometic Home and find out more at IFA Berlin Hall 6.1 / 113.

Caple compact wine cooler

New compact wine cooler by Caple, the Wi159, has been designed for those who are looking for super-quiet, high-performance appliances coupled with style. 

The Wi159 operates at just 39dB and features ultra-modern display controls. The wine cabinet also accommodates one temperature zone, which makes them ideal for those who still want to ensure the perfect pour from a perfectly stored bottle of wine when kitchen space comes at a premium

The appliance features Caple’s signature no-frost compressor cooling technology to maintain a consistent temperature and fan-circulated cool air for even temperature distribution. 

Switchable UV/heat-free white LED lighting provides users with versatility, while a stainless-steel square handle, wooden bottle rack, sleek touch controls and a white LED display add instant style.

It measures 145mm (width) by 547mm (depth) by 820-885mm (height) and comes with an adjustable height to fit a 100-150mm kitchen furniture plinth with reversible doors for easy installation. Air ventilation is through the plinth grille and the model is vibration-free

Fagor wine cellar

The new Fagor Electrodoméstico wine cellars allow for better product preservation thanks to their technology. Its three models have been designed with the idea of keeping it in perfect condition until the moment it is uncorked.

His idea is to take care of a product as delicate as this one, since the wines can be altered very easily . If the conditions are not optimal, young wines can have an undesired evolution through premature aging.

Meanwhile, in those of long conservation, an excessive detachment of floating sediments could take place. For these reasons it is so important to pay attention to the way we store them and opt for quality products that avoid these inconveniences. Thus, the wine will always be available at its optimum point, so  that the customer can enjoy it .

UV protection technology

From Fagor Electrodoméstico they present different alternatives for this, which have a compact size and a practical format. All of them  fit up to 57 bottles without any problem,  so they allow you to always have stock available in the establishment.
UV protection technology allows wines to be kept in perfect condition all the time. For this reason , avoid exposure to direct sunlight , since this modifies its smell, color and flavor. Thus, its preservation and good maintenance is guaranteed.

They have dark glass doors to protect the wine from light with a sophisticated and elegant design. It also has natural wood shelves that serve as insulation against vibrations. In this way , storage conditions almost identical to those of a traditional cellar are created : dark, cool and perfect.

Through the electronic control with display, the bottles can be stored at different temperatures . In other words, beyond preserving them without deteriorating, they serve to improve their quality as they mature. Thanks to this detail, you can enjoy the characteristic flavor and aroma of each of the varieties.

Fagor Electrodoméstico prioritizes humidity control

The humidification system of these wine cellars maintains the relative humidity between 70% and 80% to better preserve the qualities of the wine. For this, it also has fans, which help regulate humidity and keep it at the optimum level.

With this combination oxidation and evaporation of the broth are prevented , at the same time as bacterial infestation and bad odours. In addition, the labels remain as the first day , with little risk of peeling off or being damaged.

Signature Kitchen Suite New Wine Refrigerator Undercounter Model

Signature Kitchen Suite, the fast-growing luxury brand known for driving innovation in the built-in kitchen appliance market, is expanding its award-winning line of wine refrigerators with a sophisticated 24-inch undercounter model, launching this month.

All-New Undercounter Model Delivers Precise Preservation

All-New Undercounter Model Delivers Precise Preservation; Innovative Smart Features Include Wine Cave Technology, Signature Sommelier App

All-New Undercounter Model Delivers Precise Preservation
All-New Undercounter Model Delivers Precise Preservation

Unique to Signature Kitchen Suite wine refrigerators is innovative Wine Caveℱ technology, which minimizes vibration and temperature fluctuations, limits light exposure and optimizes humidity, protecting collections from wine’s most damaging elements. This technology mimics the ideal environment of historic old-world wine caves, like those near Signature Kitchen Suite’s Experience & Design Center in the heart of Napa Valley, Calif.

“Wine needs to feel comfortable in your environment,” noted vintner Jean-Charles Boisset, proprietor of the Boisset Collection. “If you compare wine preservation anywhere else versus a natural cave, the cave is incomparable. You’re protected against ultraviolet light, and you get consistent temperature and humidity level – important for all elements including the cork.”

With Signature Kitchen Suite’s Signature Sommelierℱ app, wine collectors can easily manage their personal wine collections with photos of labels, even noting shelf placement in the new undercounter and full-sized wine column models. Powered by Wine Ring’s patented machine learning, this mobile app is the first smart software that learns preferences and makes recommendations, including food and wine pairings, for individuals and groups based on the wines stored in the user’s cellar.

The new 24-inch panel-ready undercounter wine refrigerator is perfect for designers, collectors and wine aficionados looking to elevate spaces and maintain at-home collections with the ability to hold up to 41 bottles of wine. It offers innovative preservation features, sleek design and more:

  • Precise Preservation with Minimum Vibration: The smart inverter compressor developed by global home appliance innovator LG Electronics minimizes the vibration as well as temperature fluctuations, helping to keep wine collections cool and still, which experts cite as crucial preservation considerations. Dual evaporators also help maintain an ideal preservation environment.
  • Superior Light and Humidity Control: Dark-tinted, triple-pane glass with Touch Display Lighting protects wine from damaging UV light, while humidity control boosts humidity to optimal levels, helping to preserve quality and taste.
  • Independent Temperature Zones: Red, white and sparkling wines have their own temperature needs, and this refrigerator features two independent temperature zones to keep wines at the right temperature for optimal mouthfeel, aromas and flavor. The zones can be set between 41- and 64-degrees Fahrenheit to ensure ideal conditions for any variety of wine.
  • Unfinished Wood Shelves: Beyond sliding smoothly, the refrigerator shelves take things a step further by featuring unfinished beech wood to eliminate any possibility of oils or other wood byproducts altering the purity of the wine.
  • Signature Fitℱ Integrated Design: The new undercounter wine refrigerator features an intelligent, versatile design that allows for proud or flush installation, along with easy door reversal. Units are available in stainless steel and panel-ready options.

“With its advanced line of wine refrigerators, Signature Kitchen Suite continues to set the industry standard for wine storage and preservation,” said Jack Palazzolo, head of marketing, Signature Kitchen Suite. “The debut of this new undercounter refrigerator enables us to now offer our ‘Technicurean’ wine enthusiasts with more design options to fit a variety of spaces – from larger pro-style kitchens to wet bars, butler’s pantries and other intimate high-end spaces – and provide the flexibility they need to best store and manage their valuable wine collections.”

The new undercounter model will be available in the U.S. market this month beginning at $3,499. For more information on the full suite of appliances including the location of specialty kitchen dealers carrying the expanded line, visit SignatureKitchenSuite.com.

About Signature Kitchen Suite
Signature Kitchen Suite delivers innovation in the luxury built-in kitchen appliance market with leading-edge technology that provides more flexibility to prepare food in the best possible way, demonstrating respect for the food at every level. The new luxury brand from global home appliance leader LG Electronics, Signature Kitchen Suite is embracing a new generation of forward-thinking Technicureanℱ cooks, combining their passion for food with their appreciation for innovation. From the first-of-its-kind built-in sous vide range to the industry’s only built-in French Door refrigerator with a convertible middle drawer, Signature Kitchen Suite’s versatile and high-performance appliances deliver the ultimate precision cooking experience. Visit www.signaturekitchensuite.com or follow the brand on social channels @SKSappliances.

Innovative Smart Features Include Wine Cave Technology, Signature Sommelier App
Innovative Smart Features Include Wine Cave Technology, Signature Sommelier App