New Sage coffee machine

The new Sage coffee machine for more demanding customers will arrive on the market. What will it offer?
In September, the new Sage coffee machine for more demanding customers will arrive on the market. What will it offer?
Last Autumn, the brand expanded its range of coffee machines with The Barista Express Impress model (SES876BSS) with simplified tamping using a lever. After grinding the beans, the user presses a lever on the side of the coffee machine to perform tamping instead of using a traditional tamper. The more affordable model will receive a more advanced and more expensive sibling in September in the form of The Barista Touch Impress, which the company has already launched under the Breville brand, for example, in its home Australian market.

The machine comes with a very similar procedure for preparing coffee – i.e. tamping using a lever on the side of the coffee maker, then putting the filter on the head of the coffee maker and starting the extraction. So what makes them different? First of all, it is the replacement of the standard button control with a color touch screen that guides the user through the entire preparation, similar to the flagship The Oracle Touch, which has been sold for several years. In the case of The Barista Touch Impress, after selecting the type of drink, the display is divided into three sections – grinding/pounding, coffee extraction and milk frothing. The display helps the user with preparation by displaying the progress and indicating the completed steps.

However, the most important innovation in this model concerns the preparation of milk foam, where Sage is starting to focus more on milk alternatives. The coffee maker will offer automated foaming with a steam nozzle that has an integrated thermometer. We have already met this system with The Oracle Touch. Here, however, Sage goes a little further, as it now enables the setting of foaming according to the type of milk or milk alternative. You can choose from regular milk or almond, oat or soy milk. On the display, the coffee machine advises the user where to place the steam nozzle for a given type of milk and how much milk to use. This whole new system, called Auto MilQ, should gradually make its way to other new Sage models.

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