Pelgrim stops producing gas hobs and cookers after 70 years

The Dutch kitchen brand Pelgrim is the first player in the industry to announce that it will completely stop the production and sale of gas hobs and cookers. The company, which has been marketing gas stoves since 1952, focuses entirely on electric stoves with a view to the energy transition.

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The company focuses entirely on electric hobs, in particular the popular induction hobs from its own factory. Convenience, safety and durability are the main reasons why more than 95% of people choose induction when purchasing a new cooktop.

The last Pelgrim gas appliances that are still in stock at kitchen specialty stores may still be sold. Consumers with a gas appliance can still contact Pelgrim for questions. For your information, the Pelgrim website only lists the latest models that may still be for sale in the store.

The traditional Dutch brand Pelgrim was founded in 1920 with the opening of the NV.emailleerfabriek Neerlandia by Messrs JMG Oorsprong and BJ Pelgrim. After the discovery of natural gas, the first houses in the Netherlands were connected to natural gas in 1951. A year later, Pelgrim started producing its gas stoves and later also gas stoves. In 2022, the last Pelgrim gas hob rolled off the production line.

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