Hisense Europe is officially opening an innovation center in Velenje

Hisense Europe, the European part of the Chinese technology group Hisense, which also includes Gorenje, is officially opening an innovation center next week in Velenje. The grand opening of the center for research and development in the field of household appliances for the whole of Europe and for kitchen and premium appliances for the global market will take place on Monday. In the invitation to the event, Hisense Europe, which is based in Velenje, wrote that the development of technology and devices within the group will take place in Velenje, regardless of where the production of individual devices will take place and which market they will be intended for.

With the opening of the center, for which they have been preparing for a long time, “Hisense further strengthens the importance of Slovenia as its central European production and development location, which also brings new investments and jobs”, the corporation pointed out.

Hisense Europe has business units in 27 European countries, as well as three production and four research and development centers. In the group, the field of research and development was identified as one of the most important pillars of the company’s development. This is also why they have invested a lot of money for this purpose in recent years – last year there was talk of 50 million euros – and the group has also strengthened the recruitment of technological staff.

In addition to Velenj, the group has so far carried out research and development activities in Slovenia in Ljubljana and Maribor.

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