Haier smashing it in Malaysia

On September 9, Haier Smart Home won the 2021 Superbrands award in Malaysia. On September 22, Haier Smart Home was awarded the medals and certificates. Haier Smart Home, which entered the Malaysian market 16 years ago, has now become a premium brand favored by Malaysian users.

As a branch of Haier Smart Home, Haier Malaysia was founded in 2005. Relying on the strong global resource platform advantages of the headquarters, Haier smart home solutions and a full range of products are available in more than 1000 stores. In the past two years, Haier Smart Home has also become one of the fastest growing home appliance brands in Malaysia.

Fan Guofeng, head of Haier Malaysia, said that winning the 2021 Superbrands award is credited to the “user-centered” business philosophy. Whether it is the best-selling four-door refrigerator, the large-drum washing machine with stabler operation, or the energy-saving air conditioner featuring self-sterilization and self-cleaning, Haier Malaysia’s products have provided healthy life solutions for Malaysian families in the post-COVID-19 era, and won the trust and support of local mainstream channels.

Shouldering corporate social responsibility, Haier Malaysia has launched donations of anti-epidemic materials and daily necessities for many times to help Malaysian users tide over these difficult times.

Going forward, Haier Smart Home will continue to concentrate on the needs of Malaysian users and create an IoT ecosystem brand with the goal of premium brand transformation.

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