Elica purifier extractor hood

According to World Health Organization we spend 90% of our time in closed spaces and breathing clean air greatly benefits both our health and mood. For this reason, #Elica is launching its new hood with integrated purifier, #IkonaMaxxiPure. Two products in one, designed to take care of household air every day, because well-being starts at home.

The Elica Ikona Maxxi Pure extractor hood is nothing new. It is an island model 120 cm long with an otherwise quite wise design. But if we look at the technical sheet, we discover that it not only includes a classic air filtration system for a hood (grid and carbon filters, therefore), but also an air purifier similar to those which enrich our test after test comparison. To these conventional barriers is therefore added a HEPA filter which must retain particles larger than one micron.

To avoid seeing said filter being saturated too quickly with grease and fumes, the air purifier part (which also accommodates an activated carbon filter, a combination called Combo Pure Filter by the manufacturer) does not suck what comes through the underside of the hood. This stale atmosphere is first treated by the “extractor hood” part before being rejected towards the top of the Ikona Maxxi Pure, from where it will be sucked by the air purification system to be finally rid of the last. harmful elements (formaldehyde, VOCs, allergens, etc.) it contains.

Inside the Elica Ikona Maxxi Pure.  © Elica

Inside the Elica Ikona Maxxi Pure. © Elica

Note that each function of the extractor hood can be used independently. It is therefore not necessary to start the entire filtration circuit if you only want to purify the air in the room when you are not cooking.

At its maximum suction level, the Elica Ikona Maxxi Pure extractor hood can swallow 475 m³ / h, which is suitable for a kitchen of 19 m² 

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