BSH uses BASF’s Styropor packaging

Since April 2021, BSH has been using BASF’s Styropor for the first time, based on a raw material obtained from chemically recycled plastic waste, as a packaging material for selected large appliances of its luxury brand Gaggenau. BSH is initially testing Styropor packaging made from recycled material at its Dillingen production site in Germany. The ambitious goal is to use this type of resource-efficient packaging for all large appliances around the world. “At BSH, our aim is to improve the quality of life – says Silke Maurer, BSH Chief Operating Officer -. This also includes the conservation of natural resources and contributing to the reduction of waste and pollution. We have already made important progress in this regard. As Europe’s leading manufacturer of household appliances, we have been developing and manufacturing all of our carbon-neutral products worldwide in our own locations since the end of 2020. But we don’t stop there. As a company, and therefore we as a company, we need to move away from the throwaway mentality and towards a greater understanding of resources and materials. Transforming something old into something new and thus avoiding waste is therefore a central element of BSH’s circular economy approach. Using Styropor packaging, for which the raw materials come from chemical recycling, we are actively contributing to our sustainability goals and the circular economy at the sector level. We are delighted to have BASF, a long-standing and experienced partner, at our side, helping us achieve these goals

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