Nidec to open EV component manufacturing facilities in Serbia

Electric motor manufacturer Nidec announced it is opening two factory facilities in Serbia to produce electric motors and components.

The Japanese company revealed the new factories will be constructed in the city of Novi Sad in the Republic of Serbia to manufacture and sell its automotive motors in one facilty, while another will manufacture inverters and ECUs. The automotive motor production facility is expected to employ a workforce of around 1,000 people, while the inverter facility will have a workforce of around 200. Both factories will begin construction later this year with an expected completion date of mid-2022.

A company press release said: “In Europe, where environmental regulations and major countries’ automobile CO2 emission regulations are becoming increasingly stricter, demand is expanding for automotive motors and related products, and for high-efficiency brushless DC motors for home appliance businesses.

Under the circumstances, to build an efficient system to supply the aforementioned and other products in Europe, the Company plans to open new factories in Serbia (i) to consolidate the Nidec Group’s production activities in East European region, and (ii) for Nidec’s Automotive Motor & Electronic Control Business Unit and group companies to launch multiple businesses in the future.

While the Company’s multiple businesses will be operated at the same sites to seek synergies by sharing the same production infrastructure and back-office, the new business bases will engage in, among others, supplying products to the European market, while looking to design and develop products locally in Serbia.”

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