Hoover, present in Espacio Cocina SICI at the hands of Eurocook

The brand is present in the Kitchen Space SICI 2019 by the Eurocook group, with whom it shares a stand. Hoover is showing its product innovations that are standing out at the fair.

The drawer warms plates stands out by his system of opening push-pull, his big capacity (they fit until 15 plates and two trays) and a temperature (regulable with an inner command) of between 30 and 70 degrees, that allows the fermentation, the baking at low temperature, thawing, pre-heating and maintaining the temperature.

They have also brought their vacuum packing box of 14cm in height. It achieves great results in packaging, sealing (closing bags tightly without removing air) and chef cycles (Marinating / infusions / ripening), all to achieve better vacuum packaging and more durable food preservation.

The blast chiller has up to 11 different functions, with safety sensor, a full touch display, among others. Includes a temperature probe and a glass tray. It has a size of 14cm, which makes it ideal for any kitchen.

Finally, the multi-function oven with three resistors (78L) has 10 different functions, among which stand out the assisted ventilation, the Grill + Fan, the lower resistance or the defrosting. The Full Touch door, has the manual mode, several personal programs, recommended cooking and includes video recipes. It has WIFI and its respective remote control through the Hoover Wizard APP.

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