Teka is participating in Espacio Cocina SICI 2019, one of the most important cooking fairs, with more than 140 countries represented, hand in hand with its distribution partners. Held in Valencia with Cevisama, between January 28 and February 1, welcomes the main brands and firms, both national and international appliances, sinks, faucets, kitchen accessories.

After the successful marketing campaign launched last summer, with which it achieved more than 13 million visits, in which Grupo Teka announced its new brand positioning under the slogan “Donde se la la vida”, the firm he wants to continue to connect with people and provide experiences that go beyond the characteristics of products and innovation.

The company seeks to awaken emotions and create moments, unforgettable experiences. Therefore, taking advantage of the fair and under the values of the brand, honesty, generosity and originality, Teka is present working closely in the stands of customers and partners presenting their new products for this 2019. Among them, are the new range of ovens All glass colour as well as the new Full Flex induction plates with direct cooking functions, such as frying, pochar or plancha.

Teka takes advantage of SICI to present the French Door Gourmet refrigerator, which thanks to its low friction Inverter motor, allows lower consumption and quieter operation. It also has the Gourmet drawer equipped with an independent refrigeration circuit, which allows each user to select the temperature between – 2 and 3 degrees.

Finally, the company will also present the Iknob badge, protagonist of the advertising campaign “Feel the power of iKnob” that incorporates an innovative removable command, providing a great improvement in the usability of the board and power control. This novel product is characterized by its screen-printed design in LED, which is invisible when the plate is off, achieving total harmony between the countertop and the design of the kitchen.

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