Franke hoods

Franke offers a range of kitchen hoods characterized by sophisticated design, advanced technology and conceived for all the current needs. The wall-mounted Impress hood features a thermoformed front panel with a three-dimensional structure, enhanced by an elegant mat finish and a metal effect. The hood is a slim model perfectly perpendicular to the wall, ideal also in small spaces. It offers three speed levels (+ Intensive), perimeter aspiration and is in A energy class. Six aesthetic chromatic versions are available: black, white, Light Grey, Metallic Grey, softened brown and brass yellow).

The Smart Deco Collection, instead, is the Franke proposal for those who love the vintage and chic pop style. It is available in 7 variants: light blue, green, pink, gray, mustard white and black. Among the technical plusses it features: intuitive control panel, Led lighting, three speeds. Also this model is in A class.

Third proposal among the Franke hoods collection is Maris Free, a very special object, born from the collaboration between the company and the New York architect Dror Benshetrit. It is completely handmade in blown glass and is distinguished by its irregular facets that ideally reproduce the reflections of the water. Maris Free, as the other hoods, is in A class and has three speeds.

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