LG unveils vision for ThinQ smart home platform

LG Electronics said Monday it presented a blueprint for ThinQ, a platform brand that connects home appliances and consumer electronics with smart technology for higher efficiency, at the Connectivity Standards Alliance member meeting in Seoul.

Jung Ki-hyun, vice president of LG’s platform business center, attended the four-day event as a keynote speaker and shared the company’s vision for providing more consumer-friendly smart home services.

He outlined three core values of ThinQ: advancement, connectivity and openness.

“LG ThinQ will soon serve as a partner that enhances the lives of our consumers by creating a smart environment — whether that’s at work, home and on vacation — that is tailored to their lifestyles,” Jung said.

ThinQ users can enjoy heightened connectivity for LG home appliances by connecting ThinQ to the Internet of Things and other smart devices that enabled Matter, an Internet Protocol-based communications standard for smart home technologies.

In line with the global trend toward artificial intelligence-based service releases, LG looks to equip AI chatbot services and AI-based voice recognition technology to ThinQ.

It also hopes to propel ThinQ’s open innovation strategy by taking full advantage of the wide range of opportunities offered by AI. This includes providing support for virtual assistant software platforms such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, which are gaining popularity across diverse consumer demographics.

“We are paving the way for the age of ambient computing. We will continue developing our AI technology and Internet of Things connectivity so our consumers can get the best smart home experience with ThinQ,” Jung said.

The CSA is an organization that drives collaboration in IoT by developing universal open standards that enable the connectivity and interaction of objects. It also specializes in the standardization of a protocol called Matter.

Alongside LG Electronics, this year’s event was attended by 134 members around the globe, including Apple, Amazon and Google.