Haier Smart Home sees 7.2% growth and multiple awards

It was a good start to the year for Chinese brand Haier Smart Home which has seen strong revenue growth against current industry trends
Haier’s revenue hit RMB 243.514 billion (€32bn) in 2022 versus RMB 227.106 billion (€30.28bn) the previous year. Its net profit attributable to the owners of the parent company amounted to RMB 14.711 billion (€1.9m). Growth in profit exceeded that of revenue, Haier said.

It comes after the brand re-entered the Fortune list of World’s Most Admired companies back in February, and the appliances arm being named Euromonitor No. 1 Global Appliance Brand for the 14th year running.

Drivers for Haier’s success have been attributed to successful brand building strategies and the effective digital transformation of domestic and overseas businesses. It means the consumer electronics giant has been able to report strong growth against the sluggish trend of the home appliance industry.

Meanwhile, Haier Smart Home‘s overseas business grew by 10.3% in the reporting year despite challenges such as high inflation and slowing global consumer demand in 2022.

Haier Smart Home said it accelerated the localisation of its supply chain setup in overseas markets, and fully leveraged its global collaborative advantages to effectively respond to these challenges. The company’s overseas business increased by 10.3% year-on-year in 2022. In the American market, the company’s revenue increased by 9.0% (revenue in local currency increased by 4.6%), under the background that the industry’s major home appliance shipment growth was -6%. In the European market, the company recorded revenue growth of 16.7% while the industry’s sale volume growth was -8.9%.

At home, in the domestic market, Haier reported “continuous growth”, particularly with its premium Casarte brand, which continues to rank No.1 in China.

Finally, Three-Winged Bird, Haier Smart Home’s smart home eco-system brand, has also been a driving force for growth, the company said. “It continuously iterated the so-called “1+3+5+N” smart home solutions, enhancing user value based on its 5 core capabilities including Smart Home Brain capability, scenario solution capability, store operation capability, 1+N delivery capability, and digital tools capability.

During 2022, more than 900 stores of Three-Winged Bird were opened, and the retail sales of the Three-Winged Bird stores increased by 257% year-on-year.

With the continuous deepening of digital transformation, Haier Smart Home’s profitability continued to improve by increasing its resource efficiency and hence, creating room for new expansion in a more sustainable way

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