Haier launches amazing air conditioner,

Haier has launched its new air conditioner Haier Duty Pro Air in India. This AC is designed for powerful performance. Regarding Higher Duty Pro Air, the company has claimed super cooling and comfort control. You can also control the Haier Duty Pro Air through the Haier Smart App. The special thing is that Higher Duty Pro Air has been manufactured at the company’s Greater Noida plant.

Talking about other features of Higher Duty Pro Air, it becomes clear on its own. It automatically cleans the dirt caused by AC dust. The company has named this feature Frost Self Clean Technology and claims 99.9% sterilization. A button has been given for self clean in AC. After cleaning the AC, the dirt comes out in the form of foam.
Higher Duty Pro Air, the company has given supersonic cooling feature, due to which cooling has been claimed in just 10 seconds. Even if your room temperature is 60 degrees, this cooler will cool down the room in 10 seconds. The smart convertible feature helps in reducing the AC tonnage from 1.6 ton to 0.8 ton. There is also an ECO in the remote that comes with it, with the help of which users will be able to set the tone of the AC.

The company has claimed 65 percent power saving due to the inverter technology given in it. You will be able to control this Haier Duty Pro Air AC of Haier through your smartphone as well. Voice commands are also available in this. Through the app, you will be able to schedule cooling for 7 days. The price of Haier Kinouchi Heavy Duty Pro 5 Star AC has been kept at Rs 47,990. Its sales have started from Flipkart and Amazon as well as retail stores.

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