The latest from Ufesa in air fryers

 Ufesa continues to be committed to facilitating and promoting a healthy lifestyle and is expanding its range of air fryers with three new models, in which it already has around twenty references of different capacities, power, features, colours, designs and finishes. .

With a 12 l capacity, the Magister air fryer allows you to cook in a healthy way with its 360º high-speed air circulation technology, while making recipes perfect and with crispy results. For greater ease of use, it has a timer of up to 60 minutes and a temperature control of up to 200ºC with digital control. In addition, it has a dehydrate function and 12 preset programs: French fries, chicken wings, chicken thigh, vegetables, seafood, fish, meat, pizza, roast chicken, bake, dehydrate and defrost. Includes 6 accessories: 2 baking trays, oil collection tray, extractor tongs, 2.9 l round rotating basket and roasting hooks.

Another of Ufesa’s outstanding launches is Storm, a double-bowl digital air fryer. It has a capacity of 9 l divided into two buckets, one of 5.5 l and the other of 3.5 l. Among its features, it incorporates a function for simultaneously finishing the cooking of the two vats, which means that cooking that requires less time starts later so that both recipes finish at the same time and thus enjoy freshly made dishes. It has 8 preset programs: French fries, bake (for biscuits, for example), meat, chicken thigh, chicken wings, seafood, vegetables and fish.

The latest novelty is Talent, an air fryer with a capacity of 6.5 l. It has a window with interior light to see the cooking status, as well as digital time and temperature control. Timer up to 60 minutes, temperature control up to 200 ºC and 13 preset programs (meat, chicken, fish, dehydrate, bacon, defrost, French fries, vegetables, pizza, seafood, bake, preheat and keep warm), are other of its main features.

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