RGV latest household slicer for 2023

The Luxury 25 Colour Edition by RGV is specially designed to cut cold-cuts, cheeses, bread and fish. Made in Italy, it offers users precision with a special meat plate that can be opened for easier cleaning. 

RGV’s household slicer boasts a professional motor 230V – 50Hz and 140W, which is ventilated to reduce heat and noise. The device is mounted on top of a double ball bearing, making it smooth and easy to operate.

The slicer also benefits from a new fixed sharpener with opposed keys to help users sharpen the blade in a safe way. The system also has a lower cover for extra protection.

A removable food holder arm with finger protection increases the grip with food and is dishwasher friendly. While its third generation tempered professional blade increases the lifetime and cut efficiency. The collection comes in four colours including black, red, ivory and white.

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