Teka AirFry built-in oven

Teka presents the new black glass design of the AirFry oven. The brand’s ovens with automatic AirFry function are perfect for cooking in a healthy way, without the need to use oil. Foods cooked with air are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, with a better texture and flavor.

Also noteworthy is its large XXL capacity, its automatic cooking functions, its SurroundTemp multifunction system that guarantees better heat distribution and its Touch Control touch programmer.

The AirFry oven is distinguished by incorporating a special perforated tray: the FryMaster Box, which allows perfect air circulation with which food is cooked evenly without having to turn it over. In addition, it includes another deeper enamel tray and a grill.

With the SurroundTemp multifunction system, which these pyrolytic ovens incorporate, a better heat distribution is guaranteed, achieving a uniform cooking effect in each preparation.

Guaranteed cleaning and savings

The oven models that incorporate DualClean ensure fast and efficient cleaning and combine pyrolysis with the automatic system with HydroClean® Pro technology, which through steam allows grease and dirt adhered to the oven walls to be easily removed. with a damp cloth. Likewise, the three trays included in the oven are suitable for the dishwasher.

This range of ovens has the A+ energy classification, with which it is possible to save more than 20% on the electricity bill (compared to other Teka models).

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