Electrolux redundancies

Electrolux announces redundancies: there will be 76 in Porcia and 25 in Susegana. Not renewed 300 expiring workers
The union: only voluntary and incentivized exits. In Italy the total number is 222 cuts. Redundancy fund risk in 2023
There are 222 redundancies announced by Electrolux for Italy during a meeting with the trade unions. The most substantial personnel cuts will be absorbed by the Porcia plants which will see the exit of 40 employees and 36 workers (10 of whom in the spare parts warehouse), and Forlì which will instead see a cut of 19 employees and 77 workers. Redundancies for 25 employees in Susegana while the cuts will affect 10 employees in Solaro in the province of Milan. The site is also the protagonist of an investment process which in the next few years will see the company spending around 102 million euros to modernize the production lines. In Cerreto there will be 5 outgoing employees while in Assago there will be two redundancies.

The operation aims to be concluded within the first quarter of 2023 and provides for the use of the incentived Naspi instrument. The negotiation will continue in the individual plants.

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